Roland SPD::ONE Percussion Pads

Are you a drummer or percussionist looking to add new tonal layers to your playing? The Roland SDP::ONE  range of specialised percussion pads do just that, with four variations specifically matched to different drumming tasks.

Whether you’re looking for something as simple as a few electro sounds, samples, or new percussion layers, or you’re looking for more progressive functionality to allow incorporation of your own sounds and samples, you’ll find exactly the tool for the job.

The Roland SPD::ONE Electro


As the name implies, the SDP:One Electro is aimed at musicians wanting to add some electronic tones to their playing. It contains 22 sounds, ranging from fat snares and crisp handclaps to electronic cowbells and more.

Best of all, you are not limited to the built-in tones. The SDP::One Electro lets you import original audio files, and enables you to save them into one of the 12 internal sound banks.

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The Roland SPD::ONE Percussion


If you’re looking to add snares, hi-hats, cymbals, shakers, tambourines, or other percussion elements to your rig, you won’t find a better digital solution than the Roland SDP::One Percussion.

With 22 realistic percussion sounds, and space to add original audio into one of the 12 internal sound banks, you have the power to expand your tonal range.

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Roland SPD::ONE Wav

The SPD::ONE Wav Pad is the standout from the SDP crowd. Instead of having built-in sounds, it has a 4BG memory slot for users to upload their own samples. You can also upload full-length backing tracks, and have the PAD operate as a triggered media player.

The PAD has 12 individual memory slots, and 360 minutes of stereo playback time.

That means that if you want to load your backings tracks for a show, you will have plenty of space. Now, when you gig you won’t need to worry about taking your laptop to a show. And if you’re still taking your backing tracks around on a CD, then you definitely should consider an upgrade. Not only is the Roland SPD::ONE versatile tonally, each pad can be used in a variety of ways. From being a stompbox or hand trigger to being clipped on a mic stand, there is no-where that the pad will feel out of place.

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Roland SPD::ONE Kick


The SPD::One Kick is hailed as the easiest way to add four-on-the-floor beats and kick drums to your performances. The other SPD::One Kick has 22 realistic percussion sounds, including kick drums, stomp box, shakers, cowbells, and more.

And like the other SPD::One pads, you can import original audio files into one of the 12 internal sound banks.

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