Roland RT Drum Triggers: Hybrid Drumming Simplified

Roland RT-MicS: Hybrid Drumming Simplified

Since electronic drums first hit the market, the debate over which is better, and why, has continued to rage. Purists or the technologically shy have said that they would never part with their acoustic kits, whereas early adopters and people who love the ease and tone of electronic drum kits can’t understand why people would choose anything else. 

But, like with most dichotomies, there is a middle-ground: Hybrid Drumming. If you want the feel and response of your acoustic kit, but the tonal variety of an electronic drum kit, the Roland RT-MicS is the ideal tool for the job. 

Roland RT-MicS - Simplicity Defined

With the Roland RT-MicS, you can convert your Toms or snare drum into a hybrid drumming rig. And the best part is that it requires no technical skills to set up the compact module. 

To get up and running, all you need to do is attach the module to your snare drum or one of your toms, and you’re ready to start playing. Nothing could be simpler. 

Enhance Your Tone with Layers

Do you wish that your snare drum had more body? Is it missing something that you can’t seem to figure out, even with new skins and a good old fashioned tuning? Before, you would need to replace your snare drum, but with the RT-MicS, you can layer new sounds over your existing rig. 

When you hit your drum, you will trigger the RT at the same time. The two sounds, layered on top of each other, will add more body and give your snare a more vibrant tone. For every hit, you will create a sampled tone and an acoustic one. 

Choose Your Tone by Importing Samples

If you’ve ever used a Roland product before, you know that their products are ready to be used straight from the box – very seldom will a Roland product require much set up. 

But, if you want a bit more control, Roland gives you that option. If you don’t like the preset sounds on the RT, you can go online, and download new samples for the unit. You can import up to 8 samples, and each sample can be up to 10 seconds long. 

Record Your Own Samples

Let’s say that you like the tone of your kit, and all you want to do is fatten the tone. With the Roland RT-MicS, you can use the onboard microphone to record your drum tone, and use that as your sample. 

Once you’ve captured your tone, you can process your tone, and customise it using a variety of effects like delay and compressors. With just the smallest amount of effort, you can create a unique drum tone!

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Roland RT Triggers: The Ultimate Hybrid Solution

If you’re looking for more control or tonal variation from your hybrid drumming rig, then you can opt to use the Roland RT Triggers connected to one of the Roland TM trigger modules. 

With the RT range, you can add hybrid functionality to all of your drums. 

Roland RT-30 Triggers

The RT-30 range is compatible with the TM-2 Module,  TD-series V-Drums sound modules, and SPD-series percussion pads, making it the most versatile trigger in Roland’s arsenal. 

RT-30HR Dual Trigger

Ideal for use on snare drums, the RT-30HR supports independent head and rim triggering for playing two different sounds from the same drum. A newly developed self-guided mount automatically sets the sensor in the optimum position against the drumhead, with no fussy mechanical adjustment needed after mounting.

RT-30K Kick Trigger

Developed specifically for use on bass drum, the RT-30K provides fast and accurate triggering in a robust unit that’s simple to install. The newly developed self-guided mount automatically sets the sensor in the optimum position against the drumhead, with no fussy mechanical adjustment needed after mounting.

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