Roland Pianos for the Home and Classroom

Roland Digital Piano

Few instruments can pull a family or group of friends together quite like a piano can. No matter what space you’re trying to use, no brand offers more variety or tonal excellence than Roland. So whether you want a piano for a small apartment, or a grand piano as the focal point of your music room, there’s a Roland Digital Piano for you. 

The Roland Digital Piano range has options to suit most rooms and budgets. And best of all, since Roland pianos are all digital, they are cheaper to maintain and easier to move.


Roland HP Digital Pianos

If you want the ease of a digital piano, but the classic style of an acoustic piano, you should check out the Roland HP Series of Digital  Pianos.

Not only do HP pianos sound as good as, or better than, their acoustic counterparts, the keys feel and respond like an acoustic piano. That means that if you like the feel of your current piano, you won’t have to worry about re-learning to play. 

Roland HP-1

The Roland HP-1 is the entry-level HP piano and is ideal for students who are just starting to play. The “adjustable keytouch” allows you to set the piano so that younger children to play more easily.

HP-200 Range

Pianos like the Roland HP-203 feature a newly-designed cabinet with front legs for an updated and stylish piano look. Thanks to the progressive hammer action keyboard on the HP-200 range, you will get the most authentic grand piano feel to date. 

The HP-200s also offer continuous damper pedal control. This will allow you to obtain perfect damping or attenuation at all times. 

If you want a digital piano with unbeatable tone, realistic feel, and an intuitive response with even greater expression, you need a piano from the Roland HP-600 range. The HP-600’s come with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to effortlessly stream your favourite tracks to the piano to play along. You can also pair the piano with apps like Roland’s Piano Partner 2 and Piano Designer on your smartphone. 

Roland FP Digital Pianos

Are you a gigging musician who wants a world-class stage piano that can double as a classy home-piano? Then you can’t go wrong with the Roland FP range with the optional stand. 

The optional stand with pedals converts your stage piano to en elegant home piano – and best of all? The Roland FP piano takes up a minimum amount of floor space. 

If you want an affordable and compact piano, the FP-10 is your best bet. The FP-10 fuses performance and features inherited from the FP-30 into an even more portable, streamlined design.

The FP-30 is one of the most popular selling keyboards Roland has – having sold over 150,000 units since its release. The FP-30 offers outstanding performance and portability and is the ideal choice for any working musician. 

If you want a piano that is aimed for the home, classroom, or even professional studio, then check out the FP-60.


The Roland FP-90 is for the professional musician who won’t settle for second best. Offering Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano modelling, and a host of other features, the FP-90 is as at home on stage as it is in the studio or your living room.


Roland RP Digital Pianos

If you’re looking for the perfect mix between a dedicated home piano, and something that won’t take up half your living room, the Roland RP range of digital pianos is the ideal solution.  Featuring Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano technology the RP range delivers tonally what other brands in the same price range cannot offer. 

The RP102 comes with 200 built-in songs and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless communication with your smart device. The RP102 is the perfect first piano for your home. 

The RP302 is packed with practice-friendly features to suit the developing player.  Included is an extensive onboard library of songs and exercises, plus metronome and recording function. And while the RP302 is student-friendly, it also satisfies professional players with its dynamic keyboard feel and authentic, responsive sounds. 

The Rosewood finish on the RP501 is sure to grab the attention of anyone visiting your home. Featuring Roland’s progressive hammer action 4 (PHA4) the piano gives you genuine acoustic piano playing feel. And the SuperNATURAL sound engine will ensure that the RP501 will provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment. 

Roland LX Digital Pianos

The Roland LX Digital Pianos are luxurious upright pianos for the connoisseur. They feature the rich sound and graceful appearance of an acoustic piano. 

The Roland LX-7 is powered by the latest SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology, giving it an even more vibrant tone than you’d come to expect from Roland. And even though it’s compact, the classically-styled LX-7 will definitely make a big impact in your home especially with a choice of finishes including polished ebony, brown walnut and contemporary black.

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