Roland FP-X Pianos – Digital Pianos Re-Imagined

The FP series of pianos from Roland are an excellent range of fully-fledged digital pianos. Right down to the most affordable in the range you’ll find a full set of 88 weighted keys, built-in speakers, and Roland’s Progressive Hammer Action technology.

This is, of course, also accompanied by Roland’s Supernatural sound engine across the range, with the exception of the flagship FP-90X

Both of these groundbreaking technologies have attained considerable acclaim, meaning Roland deliver excellent digital pianos throughout the range.

The FP pianos has been one of Roland’s most successful piano ranges for many years. In 2021 the FP range has received a major update in the form of the FP-30X, FP-60X, and the FP-90X.

Let’s break down the four offerings in the FP range and see what they each have to offer!


If you’re after an entry-level portable piano for home practice, small-scale live performance, or music making on the move, the FP-10’s high-quality sound, professional 88-note keyboard, and surprisingly powerful onboard speakers make it a fantastic choice.

The FP-10’s PHA-4 Standard keyboard delivers the responsive feel of an acoustic piano, with every nuance whether you play hard or soft captured by Roland’s touch-detection technology. With high-resolution sensing and escapement for fast key repetition, the PHA-4 keyboard translates the subtlest differences in dynamics and tone.

With 15 sounds including organ, electric pianos and strings, you’re sure to not feel creatively limited. And with Bluetooth and MIDI connectivity, you can connect with a world of Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) and apps ranging from Apple GarageBand to Roland’s Piano Partner 2.


The first offering in the freshly re-imagined set of FP-X pianos, the midrange FP-30X balances its competitive price with performance and features for ambitious musicians.

Retaining the Supernatural sound engine, and PHA-4 Standard keyboard as the FP-10, but offering a wider selection of onboard sounds and more powerful internal speakers, it’s an affordable-yet-highly expressive instrument that stands as a serious home option for seasoned players.

The FP-30X offers 56 sounds (12 piano) as well as Bluetooth MIDI to connect to music composition apps like Roland’s Zenbeats or Apple’s GarageBand. From this point in the range, an output is also added to allow connection to external speakers for live performances.


If pro performance at a reasonable price is what you’re after, the FP-60X is the ideal upper-range choice. While you’ll find the same Supernatural sound engine and 88-key PHA-4 Standard keyboard as models lower down the range, the FP-60X steps up with more onboard sounds, built-in ambience effects, more powerful speakers, and immersive Headphones 3D Ambience.

Expanding on the Supernatural sound engine you can deeply sculpt and tailor your sound by adjusting low, mid, and high-range tones via the equalizer panel and using the onboard Piano Designer to fine-tune the tone of each individual note. The FP-60X also introduces the My Stage function, which brings together specially selected piano tones and ambience types to provide the immersive experience of playing in venues ranging from intimate practice studios to atmospheric concert halls.

The FP-60X offers 93 sounds (16 piano), and added I/O including a microphone input which allows you to amplify and add effects to your voice through the powerful built-in speakers.


The FP-90X is the flagship offering in Roland’s FP-X range, representing the pinnacle of portable digital piano performance. Featuring the flagship edition of Progressive Hammer Action technology, the PHA-50 hybrid keyboard, which is an innovative hybrid that gives you the best of both worlds, combining the feel and texture of acoustic piano keys with legendary Roland durability.

The FP-90X steps away from the Supernatural sound engine, and introduces PureAcoustic Piano Modeling which reproduces every aspect of how the rich, resonant sound of an acoustic grand piano is created. Choose from elegant Concert and dynamic Stage pianos via eight ready-to-play variations. The Piano Designer is again present in this model, allowing you to personalize the sound like a piano technician through a range of easy-to-adjust parameters. 

Add to this My Stage and PureAcoustic Ambience, you can instantly immerse yourself in a variety of realistic environments, from studios to concert halls.

The speaker system in the FP-90X is also massively upgraded. A pair of powerful woofers and twin dome tweeters work in harmony with specially designed vents in the cabinet’s back, producing a deep sound field that fully envelops the playing position.

Put plainly, the FP-90X is as good as a digital piano can sound.

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