RODE Wireless Go II – The World’s Smallest Wireless Mic – Reborn

The original Wireless Go, released in 2019, was an incredibly successful product from Rode. Offering a truly wireless microphone system, with a mic built-in to the receiver, and an incredibly small form factor, they are an absolute no-brainer.

Enter 2021, and the next-generation of the Wireless Go; the Rode Wireless Go II.

Rode actively listened out for what features users felt was missing from the original system,  and delivered.. and then some.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of the Rode Wireless Go II!

What's the same?

Rode have retained exactly the same form factor as the previous generation, with each unit weighing in at an unbelievable 30g. This makes wearing them on collars and tucking them under lapels incredibly easy.

An added benefit of keeping the same form and design, is that these units are backwards compatible with all the accessories of the previous generation, including the Mag clip Go, and the Interview Go.

What's New?


The most prominent new feature, and what really sets the Rode Wireless Go II apart, is the fact that it is now dual-channel. Included with the receiver is two separate transmitters which can be used simultaneously to record to the receiver/recorder with their own individual channels. (When required, it is also fully functional in single channel mode.)


Featuring a 3.5mm TRS analog output for plugging into cameras, plus a digital audio output via USB-C for plugging into smartphones, tablets and computers, it is perfect for content creation, filmmaking, on-camera or on-stage presentations, vlogging, YouTubing, livestreaming and more.

It is also capable of on-board recording; and with a capacity of 7 hours of uncompressed audio, dropouts or audio issues are no longer a concern.

Professional Sound

The Wireless Go II has been designed to deliver professional-quality sound while being incredibly simple to use. The transmitters and receiver come auto paired, ensuring a seamless set-up process every time. Rode’s Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption delivers a range of up to 200m (line of sight) and is optimised for extremely stable operation in areas with a high level of RF activity, including dense urban environments, shopping malls, universities, convention centres and offices.

Each transmitter features a high-quality in-built omnidirectional condenser capsule for completely wireless recording, plus a 3.5mm TRS input for plugging in a lavalier microphone. The Wireless Go II is also supplied with twist-and-lock furry windshields for recording in windy or adverse weather conditions.

Rode Central

Rode Central is a desktop application that lets you set up your device preferences, access, optimise and export recordings, activate and deactivate functions, and update your firmware. It’s free to download for Mac and Windows.

Some expanded features available through Rode Central include a safety channel, which records a second track at -20dB in case your main audio clips, a mute lock so you never accidentally mute your transmitters, and a fine gain control which expands the three-stage pad to a 10-stage pad.

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