Recording Headphones

A certain type of headphone is required for studio recording. And, as one would expect, they are called studio headphones. What makes these different is that they provide the flattest sound/eq possible. This is done so that there is absolutely colouring of the sound whatsoever. Furthermore, they’re designed with a dynamic frequency range in order to achieve the most detailed and true sound of all your recorded elements.

Studio headphones also need to keep sound as isolated as possible. The reason for this is because you will want to avoid any unwanted noise coming from the headphones that could very easily be picked up by sensitive condenser or ribbon microphones used in the studio. For that reason, closed headphones are often the top choice for use in studios.

Lastly, studio headphones need to be comfortable. Because, the chances are that they will be used for extended and long periods of time. So comfort is key in this situation.