Music Software

Music software is a broad term that we use to encompass any piece of music related software that can be used in conjunction with a digital device such as a pc computer tablet iOS Android and smartphone device.

There are a wide variety of different music software for different musical applications. For example, in the recording studio, the most common software found DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Which include programmes such as Pro Tools and Cubase.

On the other hand, a DJ will make use of different music software. Often in the form of programmes such as Traktor. Which, allow you to mix music.

Plugins are another piece of music software that are used in conjunction with DAW’s to further expand music creation and recording possibilities. plugins can be extended into two further separate categories. the one being virtual instruments which help generate and create sounds very much like using a regular instrument. the second category of plugin software refers to processes and or affects which as mentioned already, help you to further control and create sounds