Brass & Woodwind

We have combined the brass and woodwind categories. However, they are essentially two separate types of instruments.

Woodwind instruments are comprised of two different types. These include reed instruments as well as flute instruments. The reed instruments work by blowing air which then pass through the reeds to produce the sound. Flutes on the other hand work by spit. However, the commonality between these two is that they both require the movement of air to produce sounds.

Brass: Brass category encompasses all of those instruments that are made from the metal. However it is not always they case that this metal defines these types of instruments. For example, a didgeridoo is also considered to be a brass instrument and they’re not made from the brass metal. Brass instruments work by using various mouth and air movement techniques. And, the most popular brass instruments include sax, trumpets and trombones. But also include various types of horn instruments.