Stage Monitors

In a typical live scenario, the speaker get pointed towards the audience. And, the performers/band is set up behind the speakers to avoid any potential feedback issues.

By standing behind the speakers, the performers are not able to hear the same thing that the audience are hearing. And, as any performer knows, not being able to hear oneself can have a drastic negative impact on one’s performance. For that reason, the need to monitor one’s instrument is of great importance.

There are two main ways in which one can monitor their instrument and the band around them. Of which we have a great selection of. These include in-ear monitors and wedges.

In ear monitors function in the same way as regular in ear earphones do. However, they’re designed with the performer in mind and often the sound is optimised accordingly and include multiple drivers to achieve this.

Wedges are the most popular form of monitoring. And they come in many different sizes and brands. Some of these wedges can also double up as speakers too and vice versa.