Cables & Stage Boxes

As much as well all wish for a wireless and cable-less world. It is not happening quite as rapidly as some would expect. Due to this, there are still a lot of different types of cables necessary to put on a successful live show or gig. These include XLR cables, Jack to jacks, midi and proper cables.

For this reason, we stock all the necessary cables from various brands as well as in different lengths for whatever your live sound needs are. An important thing to consider when buying live sound cabling is the length of each cable. For example, if you have a small stage then you will not need 30 meter XLR cables. However, for a larger stage setup, longer cables are needed.

But where do all these cables go? Well, essentially they go direct to the mixer. But, depending on the set up or venue, this is not always possible.Because of this the stage box was created. These stage boxes are often called “Snakes” and we stock various stage boxes with different amount of inputs for whatever live sounds need you’re looking to fulfill