The amplifier used for live sound is the backbone to any production or show one wishes to put on. But, these amplifiers for live sound are slightly different to the amps we know for guitar, bass and keys.

Instrument amplifiers are designed and optimised to handle the sound for the specific instrument they were designed for. But, live sound power amps have to be able to amplify the sound of all these different instruments combined. The drums, guitars, vocals, keys etc all have to be amplified through one of these units.

And, they need to be able to do so to achieve a sound that is clean and pleasant for the audience as well as the performers. It is therefore essential that live amps are designed to handle such a task.

The way in which they handle this task is by the wattage. However, the type of power amp you buy will be dictated by what you require it for. For example if you wish to put on small shows in a coffee shop or small space then you won’t need such a large power amp as you would if you were powering the sound of a large club or venue.