We’ve mentioned previously that Midi controllers are a misunderstood member of the keyboard and piano family. However, before they came about, the synthesizers was possibly the most misunderstood of the bunch.

This is most likely due to the fact that people confused with regular keyboard. And, there is still a bit of confusion as to what they do.

Whilst regular keyboards have sounds built-in, they do not let you tweak and create your own sounds. This is where synthesizers come in. Synths were designed so that keyboard players could create their own sounds. This is achieved, for example, by tweaking different parameters.

Traditional synthesizers are fully analogue and required an array of patch cables to get them going. However, the world of synthesizers, much like most of the instrument world, has gone digital.

Roland is by far the world leader when it comes to make the best synthesizers in the world. Such models like the Juno DI or the Roland GAIA can be seen on stages and studios all over the world.