Keys & Pianos
  • Digital Pianos

    Digital Pianos

    Digital Pianos have come along way. And, they take what we know a traditional piano to be and fully digitise it. Moving the piano properly into the 2st…
  • Keyboard Accessories

    Keyboard Accessories

    If you’ve purchased a keyboard, piano, synth or midi controller. Then you have most likely found out that you require certain accessories to play properly and get the…
  • Keyboard Amplifiers

    Keyboard Amplifiers

    Some keyboards come with built in speakers and most allow you to hear with the use of headphones. However, neither of those two options are necessarily the best…
  • Keyboards


    Keyboards are a great way to have a selection of endless sounds on the fly without having to involve the use of a computer or digital device. Generally,…
  • MIDI Keyboard Controllers

    MIDI Keyboard Controllers

    The Midi Keyboard controller is often the most misunderstood of the keyboard and piano family. This is due to the fact that many people aren’t fully aware of…
  • Stage Pianos

    Stage Pianos

    Despite the obvious fact that, as the name would suggest, stage pianos are designed and optimized for the stage. The question still remains.. What is it that makes…
  • Synthesizers


    We’ve mentioned previously that Midi controllers are a misunderstood member of the keyboard and piano family. However, before they came about, the synthesizers was possibly the most misunderstood…

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When it comes to the world of music, piano and and keys have long been a constant. And with technological advances in the last 30-40 years, the piano has gone from a fully analog and bulky instrument, to a fully digital one that can now provide us with endless music creation, production, composition and performance.

The world of keys and piano now encompasses different variations of what we know a traditional keyboard or piano to be. Whilst keyboards can do many things for one instrument, many of them are now designed for specific functions and purposes in mind. Are you a composer? Then you’d most likely go for a keyboard that’s been designed to do so. Or, are you a dance music producer? Then a MIDI controller is the perfect option for you.

Browse our range of keys, pianos and synthesizers to find exactly what you’re looking for.