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Headphones have come a long way since their creation almost a century ago. However, we are lucky enough to be living in what could be considered the Golden Age for headphones and listening to music. This is thanks to modern innovation when it comes to delivering the best sound possible to the end user. As well newer innovations such as wireless and Bluetooth headphones.

As a result of this there is an abundance of headphones to choose from when it comes to different manufacturers as well as different features. For this reason, choosing a set of headphones can be incredibly difficult and often overwhelming. Especially if one does not know what to look out for.

Each headphone model is designed with a specific function in mind and so determining which one is the best is a tough task however knowing what your needs are before purchasing headphones can make the decision process a lot easier.

We stock an extensive range of headphones to suit various applications. You’ll find everything from professional recording headphones for use in the studio, headphones for use at live events, DJ headphones, and in-ear-monitors for musicians to use on stage, through to consumer headphones for personal use at home or during activities.