Ukuleles & Folk

Ukuleles have become a popular choice of instrument to play. Especially over the last decade or so. Despite the fact that they very much resemble an acoustic guitar, they are in fact their own instrument, that is strung different and produces a different sound.

However, Not all Ukuleles are the same. In fact, there are quite a lot of options when it comes to the types of ukuleles you can get.

The biggest factor when it comes to ukuleles are their size. Smaller ukuleles such as the piccolo and soprano produce a different sound to that of the baritone and bass counterparts.

It is also worthy to mention the fact that some of the ukuleles we have also have built in preamps and pickups, much like acoustic guitars. This means they can be amplified in the same was a guitar so that you can perform with your ukulele live or in studio.

This category however does not only include Ukuleles. It also include a range of other instruments that are commonly found in folk music. Such instruments include Banjos, Violin and mandolins.