Acoustic Drums

Acoustic drums are perhaps one of the most important instruments in modern music. Spanning across genres such as rock, pop, Blues and jazz. And just about any other type of music from the 20th and 21st century.

We provide an array of acoustic drum gear to suit the needs of any type of drummer. From the very beginner, to the intermediate drummer. As well as the seasoned pro and everyone in between.

With such a wide variety of acoustic drums and hardware available, we have made sure that there is an acoustic kit to suit not only your level, but your budget too.

The range of acoustic equipment and drums include some of the world’s top brands. Such as Mapex and Pearl. Furthermore the drum kits we have come in a variety of sizes, colour options as well as wood varieties.

Whether you are looking for a shell pack or a full drum kit setup with Hardware you have come to the right place