Drums & Percussion
  • Acoustic Drums

    Acoustic Drums

    Acoustic drums are perhaps one of the most important instruments in modern music. Spanning across genres such as rock, pop, Blues and jazz. And just about any other…
  • Electronic Drums

    Electronic Drums

    Electronic drums have taken the world by storm ever since their creation and introduction into the instrument market in the late 1970’s. However, those older electric drums lacked…
  • Cymbals


    If you are in the pursuit for drum cymbals, then you have most certainly come to the right place. Paul Bothner music is South Africa's number one supplier…
  • Drum Hardware

    Drum Hardware

    Hardware for drums are required to complete pretty much any given drum set up. Hardware is needed for different applications. For example, you will not be able to…
  • Drum Accessories

    Drum Accessories

    Any drummer of any level will know that playing drums and owning a drum kit, comes with the need for other essential accessories. Which are often forgotten about…
  • Drum Heads

    Drum Heads

    Drum heads, Also known as Drum skins, are such an integral part of the overall part of the drum sound. Also, Replacing drum heads are an inevitable part…
  • Drum Microphones

    Drum Microphones

    Replicating the true sound of the acoustic drum kit. Both in the studio, as well as in a live setting, has been a challenge for decades. Luckily, we…
  • Marching & Military

    Marching & Military

    The military and marching band style of drumming requires very specific drum gear. Which, is different to what we know drum equipment for pop/rock music would look like.…
  • Percussion


    The term “Percussion” refers to the physical act of striking a specific object with either one’s hand or with the use of some form of stick in order…
  • Sticks & Mallets

    Sticks & Mallets

    Drumsticks are yet another crucial piece of gear that will ultimately affect the sound feel and overall playing experience of the drums depending on what type of sticks…

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Music featuring drums & percussion instruments is perhaps one of the oldest forms of music. In the last century or so, drums have become the crux and backbone of any successful song and band in modern-day music.

Furthermore, acoustic drums have dominated the world of percussion for decades. However, it is only in the last 30 years or so that electric drums have become a big part of music. If you are looking for the best acoustic drum kits or electronic drums, you have come to the right place as we have an incredible selection of drum gear to suit a variety of needs.

Drumming often requires many components of gear that exclude the actual drums themselves. For example, Cymbal and snare drum stands are crucial hardware, necessary for a successful setup. That is why we have the best drum hardware for your drum set up.

Cymbals are another important element of drumming. And, Paul Bothner Music has the best range of Zildjian cymbals in the country. Furthermore, we provide replacement drum heads, microphones for drums. As well as marching and military equipment. Not to forget the wide selection of percussion instruments such as bongos, congas and Shakers we have on offer.

Lastly and possibly one of the most essential parts of drumming, are the sticks and mallets. we have different sticks with multiple tip sizes tapers and lengths available.