DJ & Beat Production
  • MIDI Controllers

    MIDI Controllers

    A beat producer will typically use one of two kinds of midi controllers. The first being a trigger pad controller. Something such as the Akai MPC Element or…
  • DJ Controllers

    DJ Controllers

    The midi controller is a common instrument found in home studio as well as professionals all over the world. However, whilst these common midi controllers can be used…
  • DJ Headphones

    DJ Headphones

    A DJ will make use of a different type of headphone compared to those used in studio. The major difference is that DJ headphones have been designed to…
  • Studio Monitors

    Studio Monitors

    DJ studio monitors are essentially the exact same thing as regular studio monitors. However, Many DJ's prefer certain studio monitors for DJ purposes over others. For example, The…
  • DJ & Production Software

    DJ & Production Software

    If you're an aspiring DJ/Beat producer or you're the seasoned professional. You'll definitely know by now that you need the right software for job. The DJ and beat…
  • DJ Lighting

    DJ Lighting

    Lighting for a DJ event/environment will differ to that of a gig or stage production. There will definitely a lot of times when the same types of lighting…

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The world of beat production and DJ equipment has come a long way over the years.  A transition from full analogue to a world with electronic elements is where we find ourselves today. Think of the days where beat creation relied solely on analog pieces of gear such as the Roland 808 or vinyl DJ equipment

However it is apparent that the current sphere of DJ and beat production/creation is moving to one that combines both digital and analogue elements. This includes Gear that delivers the best of both worlds. By combining the benefit of an analog sound, with the the full control of digital.

We supply all the necessary DJ and beat production gear for all levels of producers and musicians in order to get started with Deejaying and producing beats. There are various pieces of equipment needed for DJ and beat production.

Firstly, you’ll need an audio interface. once an audio interface has been organised, the producer or DJ will wants some sort of controller, synthesizer or other input device such as a trigger pad. And for a DJ, something like a Pioneer DJ controller. Also, in order to hear the music and beats that you’ve mixed and created, you will require some form of monitoring. Either in the form of DJ headphones or studio monitors. Furthermore, in order to control all of this digitally you will need some sort of music software also known as a DAW