Podcasting Solutions with RØDE Microphones. Get Your Message Out There.

Look around, and you’ll see technology disrupting industries around the globe. Airbnb has changed how people book accommodation, Uber is challenging how we take taxis, and PodCasts are starting to challenge talk radio.

The thing about podcasts is that they feel more personal. This is thanks to on-demand content that aligns with our interests; we can, at any time, find and download our favourite podcast. We can listen to it when we have time and pause it at will.

Thanks to podcasts, people who have interests in specific niches can now tune in, and find information that mainstream radio might never cover. You can find podcasts ranging from cooking to gardening and model trains!

Barrier to Entry

One of the factors helping the proliferation of podcasts is that the barrier to entry is almost non-existent. All you need is a good quality microphone and something to say.

RØDE has made entering the podcast scene even easier with their unique offerings. There is something for everyone from the hobbyist podcaster to the professional reporter.

The Podcaster

The RØDE Podcaster is the ideal microphone for modern podcasting. Simply connect it to any computer via USB, and you will have broadcast-quality audio. That means that you can record with the RØDE Podcaster directly to a computer without the need for additional digital interfaces.

With the RØDE Podcaster you can do podcasting, vodcasting, and any production applications in need of a simple yet professional voice-over.

Its 48kHz sampling A/D converter allows the Podcaster to internally process all analogue-to-digital conversions by bypassing the computer’s low-quality onboard sound controller.

The RØDECaster Pro

Whether you’re new at recording or a professional broadcaster, the RØDECaster Pro will be all you’ll ever need for great quality recordings.

What’s so unique about the RØDECaster Pro? It’s the first fully integrated podcast production studio.

With its 4 high-quality microphone channels, you can easily connect microphones for you and your guests because of the automatic level settings.

The RØDECaster Pro includes eight programmable sound effect pads. This allows you to have instant access to music, sound effects, jingles, and any other effects you need. Simply “drag and drop” the files you need from your computer using the software to begin recording audio directly to the programmable pads.

The Procaster

Offering no-compromise performance in the broadcast environment, the RØDE Procaster is the perfect dynamic microphone for professional recording.

The microphone is perfectly suited for those in need of superior ambient noise rejection because of its tailored-for-voice frequency response feature.

To prevent distorted audio output, the RØDE Procaster includes an internal pop filter. This feature helps minimise plosives sounds which could potentially overload the microphone capsule.

The PodMic

Designed and built for Podcasting, the PodMic is the ultimate broadcast-grade dynamic microphone that you’ve been waiting for. The PodMic is durable, flexible and perfect whether you’re reading delicate poetry or a sports commentator. The microphone will ensure you deliver a balanced vocal tone to your all your listeners.

The PodMic gives a rich, even sound for all your recordings with its built-in pop filter, ensuring your voice has that smooth, professional-quality sound you need for your recordings.

Although the PodMic can be used with any XLR interface, it’s best optimised to be used with the RØDECaster Pro.

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