Pioneer XDJ-R1 All In One DJ Solution

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | September 28, 2017

Pioneer XDJ-R1

Are you looking for an All-in-One DJ solution? One that will let you maintain full control even if you have to leave the DJ booth? Then what you need in your life is the Pioneer XDJ-R1 All In One DJ Solution.

DJ From Inside or Outside the Booth

Sometimes as a DJ you might need to leave your booth. Whether it’s to go to the bar to grab a drink, get in front of the booth to check the sound levels, or just to interact with the audience, there are a number of good reasons to need to leave your booth. Traditionally, a DJ would queue a song and hope to be quick enough to make it back.

No more! With the Pioneer XDJ-R1, all In One DJ Solution all you need is an iOS device and you can leave the booth while maintaining full control once you do!

That’s right! Full control, from anywhere in the club. All you need to do is download the remotebox app from the App Store. It’s that simple.

Going Digital

Simply plug in your rekordbox USB or connect your iPhone, iPod touch or Android smartphone to load tracks directly to the XDJ.

Access a multitude of advanced performance features by preparing your tracks in rekordbox or using the rekordbox app.

Formats and USB Payback.

Of course, file formats are always something to consider. If you don’t want to use a laptop, the XDJ-R1 has you covered. You can store your tracks on a flash drive and play them directly off the drive.

The Pioneer XDJ-R1 All In One DJ Solution supports MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF files stored on USB devices.

Additional Connectivity

You also have the option to use the XDJ as a controller for DJ software via MIDI connection.

[click here] to go to the Pioneer website to check out all the specs.


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