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One of the big issues that many musicians have to deal with when it comes to their PA systems is a lack of portability and simplicity. This can make going on tour, playing small venues, or practising when on the road a tricky affair. So tricky in fact, that most big touring bands hire roadies to set up and carry all the gear.  

If you’re tired of constantly needing to carry heavy sound equipment, or if you’re just looking for a lightweight, portable solution for playing music, you should check out some of our Pick Up and Go PA solutions and portable Bluetooth speakers.

AH4X4 - Laney 4 channel Portable PA

AH4X4 - Laney 4 channel Portable PA

The AH4X4 is the perfect solution for the musician who needs versatile and lightweight amplification. The AH4X4 is designed to be used for everything from gigs and parties to conferences and even outdoor events.

Dreamwave Tremor 50W Bluetooth Speaker

Dreamwave Tremor

The Tremor is a rugged 50W Bluetooth speaker with more punch than you would first imagine. It is the ideal companion for buskers and campers alike. And if one isn’t loud enough for you, you can link two together to double the volume!

Dreamwave Elemental Bluetooth Speaker

Dreamwave Elemental

The Dreamwave Elemental is every campers ideal sound solution. Featuring a powerful 30W speaker, long battery life, and an ultra-bright 110-lumen lamp, you will be hard pressed to find an alternative that sounds as good or does as much.

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Fender Monterey Bluetooth Speaker

If style is as important to you as tone, then the Fender Monterey Bluetooth speaker should go with you wherever you go! The vintage styled ’68 custom grille cloth and unbeatable tone make this little speaker the ideal solution for small venues and house parties alike.

Proel Freepass 10 Portable PA System

The Freepass 10 is Proel’s most convenient sound system and is ideal for any small bands or solo acts who need uncompromising tone. The system includes a full-featured mixer, a powerful amplifier, two full-range speakers, and high-quality connection cables.

Mackie Freeplay Live Portable PA

The Mackie Freeplay live has all the amazing tone you’ve come to expect from Mackie, and also includes a powerful battery with over 15-hours of battery life. This is the ideal solution for anyone who busks or travels to small venues with unreliable PA options.

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