New From Roland. Exciting New Releases for 2019

We’ve all heard the adage that the only constant is change. But while things around us seem to change almost daily, there is another constant we can rely upon; Roland will always be at the forefront of innovation.

Speak to most musicians, and they will agree that with every new release, Roland raises the bar that little bit more. They don’t only release new, innovative technology, but they also update and improve upon existing ranges.

Let’s take a closer look at what Roland has just released.

Roland Fantom Range

When it comes to industry-leading synthesisers, the Roland Fantom series is unbeatable. For 2019 Roland has completely reimagined their flagship synth.

The 2019 Fantom has dull bi-directional DAW 

integration, no-gap patch transitions, multiple sound engines, and more. Roland has simplified the workflows on the Fantom, making it easier to use than ever before. According to the team at Roland, the Fantom has “no confusing modes”.

The sound engine for the new Fantom is not only flexible, but it is also expandable. For added flexibility, the Fantom comes in three size options; 61-key for players who want a regular synth feel. The 76-key for players who need more range, but don’t want a piano 

feel. And the 88-key option for people who prefer the feel of an acoustic piano, but want the power that the Fantom offers.

See the Fantom in action

The Juno Synth took the world by storm when Roland first released it. The combination of portability, power, and price made it an enticing offer for any synth player.

Juno vintage synths, for many players, is the definitive go-to keyboard if you’re after an authentic 80s tone. Of course, as time goes on, they are increasingly tricky to find.

Roland has heard your calls for a “new vintage” Juno and has released the Roland JU-06A Boutique Synthesizer. With the JU-06A, you get the tone, feel, and aesthetics of the Juno-60 (manufactured between 1982-1984) and the Juno-106 (released in 1984) in one neat package.

Built with the rigour of the road in mind, the Juno-06A is not only lightweight; it’s built tough. So you can rest assured that your keyboard can handle life on the road.

See the Roland Juno-06A in Action

Roland Groovebox Series

In 1996 Roland launched the MC-303, the first Groovebox. For 2019, they have re-envisioned the Groovebox with two new offerings; the MC-707 and the MC-101.

While the concept for the Groovebox remains unchanged, the internal parts have been overhauled for a new generation of musicians. The new range will allow you to create complete productions, with no external gear.

Want more from your Groovebox? You can easily integrate it with modern computer-based music environments.

And best of all; if you have no formal music training, the Groovebox will allow you to create songs quickly and easily. All you need is a song in your heart and some time to spare.

See the Groovebox in Action

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