Must-Have BOSS Products for 2020

Boss has always been synonymous with world-class tone and unbeatable quality. Every year Boss releases something new or updates something classic. If you want an effect pedal that will last you a lifetime, you can’t go with with a Boss Stompbox or Amplifier. We take a look at some of the most exciting, must-have gear from Boss for 2020.


BOSS RV-5 - Reverb

Some effects pedals are only useful for specific genres. There are very few jazz players who would buy the Boss Metal Zone, for example. But reverb is one of the universal effects that every player should have in their rig.

The new RV-5 Digital Reverb offers six of BOSS’s top reverbs in one effects pedal. The new reverbs include high-quality gate reverb, convincing spring reverb emulation, and a new Modulate mode for detuned reverb sounds.
Digital Reverb

BOSS DD-500 - Delay


If you need full control over your delay, with reverse delays, specific tempos, various types of delay, then you need a powerful pedal to keep up with you. The Boss DD-500 is one of the most powerful delay pedals available. 

With new BOSS technology featured, the DD-500 is a powerful yet versatile stompbox delay pedal.

The pedal offers up to 12 delay modes with deep editing controls, patch memories, a graphic display, amazing audio quality, and so much more.

BOSS CE-5 - Chorus Ensemble

Chorus has always been the preferred effect for making your tone brighter. Most gospel players and acoustic guitarists will use chorus in their music, but chorus can add a new dynamic to almost any genre. 

The BOSS CE-5 Chorus Ensemble pedal offers its player a wide frequency range with high-and low-cut filters. The tool allows users to create a chorus effect ranging from a more natural chorus to a clear stereo chorus effect that’s popular in contemporary music.
Chorus Ensemble

BOSS OC-2 - Super Octave

Super Octave

Not many players use an octave pedal, but if you’re a solo loop player, an octave pedal is indispensable.

With three modes including a Drive mode with distortion, a Polyphonic Octave mode, and the OC-2 mode, the effects pedal will give guitarists the ability to fatten up their sound with one stomp. The pedal allows its user to add additional tones to the original note.


BOSS FV-500L - Volume Pedal

Volume Pedal

If you love violin swells or don’t trust yourself to find the volume knob on your guitar when you need it most, you need a good quality volume pedal! With the Boss FV-500, you can take full control of your dynamic playing and create some one of a kind effects. 

With a new stylish design and tough build, the pedal offers a smooth and comfortable option to those who use it.

The stereo, low impedance pedal is built from a heavy-duty aluminium die-casting body, with pedal rubber for non-slip action.

The pedal also includes an Expression pedal function that is compatible with effects, amps, and synthesizers.

BOSS NS-2 - Noise Suppressor

Some people clain that the 50hz buzz you get from single-coil pickups adds to the charm of the pickup, but other players want the tone of the single-coil without the buzz. If you want to reduce ambient, unwanted noise, then the NS-2 will get the job done. 

Eliminate unwanted noise with the BOSS NS-2 Noise Suppressor. The device includes a Unique Noise Detection Circuit which removes unnecessary background noise and hum without interrupting your instrument’s natural tone.

Noise Suppressor

BOSS CP-1X - Compressor


If you’re a bass player or an acoustic guitarist a compressor is a must-have pedal. The CP-1X is light, small, and fits into any gig bag. Add one of these to your rig for full compression control on the go.

Preserve your instrument’s character with the BOSS CP-1X Multiband Compressor without limiting your musical expression. With the compressor’s intelligent processing feature, you’ll have advanced dynamics control with the instruments you play without colouring your tone.

Distortion & Overdrive

BOSS ST-2 - Power Stack

Are you tired of your current distortion tone, and want to try something new? Why not try an overdrive on steroids? The Boss Power Stack is the ideal solution to anyone who has a solid-state amp and is looking to add some tube tonality to their playing.

The BOSS ST-2 Power Stack delivers the famous BOSS distortion with a massive amount of power similar to professional amp stacks and coveter tube amplifiers. The pedal’s sound knob simultaneously mixes sound character and gain amount to allow you to quickly take anything from a vintage crunch to a punchy drive distortion.

Power Stack

The OD-1X is one of the most loved overdrive pedals in the Boss stable. Everyone from blues guitarists and to jazz players can use the OD-1X to great effect.

The BOSS OD-1X OverDrive pedal is unlike any other pedal available in the market. Using MDP technology, the pedal’s every fret sounds flawless and a smooth grind when you’re playing your chords. Its tone is both bold and high-definition that comes out smooth and refined to perfection. Even with its high-gain settings, the pedal produces very low noise.

Synth Effects

Do you sometimes find yourself wishing that your guitar sounded more like a synth? Maybe you want to play some trance music, or you want to form an 80’s prog band and need something new to add to your mix. If this sounds like you, then a synth pedal is what you need!

The BOSS SY-1 Synth pedal is filled with 121 ultra-responsive sounds, all refined into a single BOSS compact pedal. The pedal can simply be used as a standard stompbox, so there’s no need for you to have a background in synth programming. The pedal includes a TonePedia player to allow any player to explore the hundreds of sound variations available.

Synth Pedal

BOSS SY-1000 Synth Multi Pedal

Synth Multi Pedal

Does the SY-1 appeal to you, but you find yourself wishing it had more effects, and that you could have even more control over the synth effects? Then you need the ultimate synth modulation pedal – the Boss SY-1000.

The BOSS SY-1000 transforms any guitar or bass rig with its limitless sound design options available.

The synth allows you to deliver amazing performance with features including evolved GK technology, a cutting-edge, next-generation sound engine with custom, high-octane DSP.

Maximise your workflow with the synth’s configurable footswitches, external controls, and output hardware.


BOSS MS-3 - Multi-Effects Switcher

When it comes to multi-effects, you have two options: an array of single stompboxes, or a multi-effects pedal. The problem with the prior is that you can easily become a tap dancer trying to tap the right pedal at the right time. With the MS-3, you can get the best of both worlds. 

Multi-Effects Switcher

Capable of running up to six internal pedal effect at the same time, the BOSS MS-3 Multi Effects Switcher integrates three of your top external pedals.

The multi-effects switcher also offers you deep rig control capabilities by allowing you to adjust effects in real-time, switch between amp channels, and so much more.

Easily create a portable board without the compromises associated with more traditional loop switchers.

If you want full control over your effects, and don’t want to compromise on tone, or limit yourself to x-amount of stompboxes, nothing will beat a multi-effects pedal like the GT-1000.

The new BOSS GT-1000 Multi-Effects pedal includes the new Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics (AIRD) technology, which is also supported by 32-bit AD/DA, 96 kHz sampling rate, and an ultra-fast DSP engine. The AIRD technology brings flexibility to any digital guitar processor.

The new pedal features a wide range of BOSS effects to help enhance your tones, including numerous routing options and real-time control at your fingertips.


BOSS RC-3 - Loop Station

Looper pedals are ideal for anyone who plays solo, bands looking to add new layers to their tone, or people who want to jam by themselves when they practice. The RC-3 is one of the most loved loop stations on the marketing, and for good reason.

Conveniently in a compact pedal, the BOSS RC-3 Loop Station allows for three hours of stereo recording in the powerful stompbox. With the three hour recording time, you can also expect storage for up to 99 loops, USB 2.0 compatibility, as well as a “real drums” rhythm guide.

Loop Station

BOSS WAZA-AIR Wireless Headphones

Boss Waza Air Waza Headphones

Bring amazing realism to playing with your headphones on with the revolutionary Waza-Air headphones by BOSS. By using a gyro sensor and moving 3D space, the headphones deliver a natural tone that’s rich and inspiring. 

The headphones are wireless, so no cables to slow you down! 

You’ll be able to stream music from your smartphone while performing at a gig with your band. Also craft custom sounds with the BOSS Tone Studio app including over 50 different effects.

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