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Mooer entered the pedal and pedalboard market in 2010 with a range of micro-sized guitar effect pedals that took the industry by storm. Their aim was to build high-tech, quality products for musicians around the world, at an affordable price.

Although their technological capabilities have grown and allowed them to expand far beyond just micro-sized pedals, this primary mission stays firmly in place.

From the TRUCK series to the full-fledged GE300 multi-effects pedal, Mooer’s current offerings compete with the biggest pedal manufacturers in the world… and they do it well.

Let’s take a look at an overview of their effect pedals and see what the manufacturer has to offer in different use cases and form factors.

Micro Series

The foundation of Mooer’s offerings is their Micro Series of pedals. From micro-sized homages to iconic pedals to full-fledged digital modulation units, it’s difficult to find more bang for buck than the Mooer Micro Series.

Take a look at some of their pre-amp/drive Micro Series Pedals. Iconic inspiration, great quality, and amazing prices.

Digital modulation and looping are most commonly found in some pedalboard real estate hungry form factors… Mooer have found their way around that.

Truck Series

Expanding on the Micro series, Mooer released a pair of combination pedals in the Truck Series. Essentially focused, analog-orientated multi-effects pedals, the Truck series is a great all-in-one option for players looking to keep things simple, but still have everything in one place.

Both offerings in the range (the Red Truck and Black Truck) offer a combination of 6 effects, each with their own independent controls, a tuner, and a dedicated speaker emulated out to connect directly without the need for an amplifier.

The Red Truck includes Boost, Drive, Distortion, Modulation, Delay, and Reverb.

The Black Truck includes Compressor, Overdrive, Distortion (Hi-Gain), Equalizer, Modulation, and Delay/Reverb (Space).

Mooer Multi-Effects

When Mooer stepped in to fully-fledged multi effects units, they established their position as contenders to the biggest manufacturers in the world, offering premium features, sound and synth engines, customizability, and ease-of-use.

The GE300 is Mooer’s flagship product. Incredibly competitive pricing, an industry-leading synth engine, and world-class amp modelling and effects make the Mooer GE300 an incredibly strong offering.

Moving down the lineup, Mooer have expanded their multi-effects offering to include options at different price points; the GE100 effetcs unit, the GE150 amp modeller and effetcs unit, and the GE200 the stripped backed sibling to the flagship GE300.

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