Masterclass: Understanding The Voice by RJ Benjamin

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | May 31, 2018

RJ Benjamin

Using various video’s as well as diagrams RJ Benjamin will help singers, musicians, choir masters and really anybody fascinated with singing to better understand their voice as well as understand everybody else’s.

Where: Paul Bothner Music Claremont
Shop PO 01, Stadium on Main
Corner Central & Hawthorne Road
When: 2 June 2018
Time: 10:30am
Price: R50
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What to expect at the workshop

  • How vocal sound is created (Footage will be used to assist in the explanation of this)
  • How breathing affects sound creation (Several breathing exercises will be used, and a few volunteers will be required to show examples)
  • Why our voices are unique
  • Vocal range and registers (This is particularly important in teaching singers to know and understand their vocal range, and how singing outside of this can cause serious damage and be detrimental to a singing career, Footage will be used to assist in the explanation of this)
  • Warm up sequence (the attendees will do a standard warmup sequence)
  • Explanation of Vocal Pedagogy (methodology) and which ones to avoid.
  • Vocal health (this will include advice on how to keep your vocal chords as healthy as possible as well as some footage showing vocal damage particularly in the form of nodules)
  • Q & A

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