Mackie Thump Series – More Everything

Mackie are a high-quality Pro Audio brand that have solidified their place in the international market, offering quality and features that are absolutely unmatched at their price-point.

The company gives one a sense of a strife to over-deliver, because that’s what they do. From build quality, to audio performance, to high-end features, Mackie makes sure their products are fit for any use-case, and any situation.

The Thump Series has become one of Mackie’s best-selling speaker ranges, and with their new-generation improvements, it’s easy to understand why.

Each speaker in the Thump range is equipped with a 1300w Class-D Power Amplifier, meaning they deliver extraordinary power for their small footprint.

12" & 15" THUMP Active Range

This is the standard range, which offers all the primary features one would expect from a high-quality powered speaker and more.

Let’s take a look at some of the primary features from the range:

2-channel Mixer

This is found on-board, and supports microphone, instrument, and line-level inputs. If you need a simple setup with only 2 inputs, this is your ideal situation.

Application Specific Speaker Voicing

Whether you’re playing recorded music, live music, or giving a speech, switching to the best speaker voicing for your situation is easy.

Thermal Limiting and Power Factor Correction

This ensures total hardware protection in even the harshest environments.

This range comes in both 12” and 15” options to suit your requirements.

12" & 15" THUMP Boosted Range

The BST, or “Boosted” range includes all the features of the standard series, as well as a long list of extras!

Let’s go through some of the features exclusive to the BST range:

Full Colour display

View everything you need at a glance including channel metering, levels, EQ and more. Want it off during the performance? No problem, the display can be dimmed and even turned off completely until you need to see it again.

3-Channel Digital Mixer

With the on-board LED screen, a full 3-channel digital mixer is available for your control. This includes features like a 3-band EQ, and a High-Pass Filter.

Bluetooth Streaming

It’s as simple as pairing a Bluetooth enabled device to your speaker, and you’ll be dancing in no time!

Speaker Linking

Utilizing the latest technology, the Thump Boosted loudspeakers have the capability to wirelessly link directly to each other at up to 100 meters for music streaming and control. 

Control App

With the Thump Connect™ app available for iOS and Android® devices, you get complete control over everything and then some. Quickly access levels, EQ, meters, and configuration. Plus, you can save 10 memory presets to streamline setup at your next gig.

When you link to another Thump Boosted speaker, you get control over the entire system in the app, all in one view. No additional pairing or swapping back and forth on your device is required.

Available in both 12" and 15" options

18" THUMP Active Subwoofer

Pairing perfectly with either the Standard or Boosted series, the THUMP18S is a mighty 18”subwoofer with 1200W of room-shaking low end. It is optimized for high-output performance with a precision crossover at 140Hz

Take a look ath this video overview of the Thump Series from Mackie

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