Mackie Makes Content Creation Easy

Content creation may sound like something done by professionals, but it really isn’t. Anything from a simple photo posted on Instagram to a slick, well-produced YouTube video qualifies as content creation. And the tools used to capture and edit the content are becoming cheaper and easier to use by the day!

Whether you’re looking to get into podcasting, streaming your band’s performance live online, or capturing your content onto your smartphone, you’ll find its a lot easier (and cheaper) than you think. 

Live Streaming Your Performance

Need to reach your audience from home, or even while on the road? Live performances have an energy all of their own and, thanks to the Internet, the stage isn’t the only medium for performing musicians. 

Mackie offer a great selection of gear to get you online, live-streaming your music to your fans via social media. The Mackie ProFX range of mixers feature built-in professional effects, a choice of 6 to 30 channels, and connect to your computers USB port for live recording or streaming. Add a Mackie EM-91C condenser mic and a pair of Mackie MC-series headphones. Then plug in your instruments, and you’re good to go.

Here’s a short video showing how easy it is…

Create from the couch!
Learn how to live-stream concerts from the comfort of your home using the Mackie ProFX mixer. 

Live Streaming Gear from Mackie...

Podcasting on a Budget

Podcasting has seen massive growth over the past few years, but has really exploded in 2020. The format offers everyone with something to say a way of reaching a global audience, no matter how specialized the subject. 

With the Mackie EM-USB condenser microphone, a computer, and a copy of the free recording software, Audacity, you’ll be ready to record your first podcast. The EM-USB condenser microphone features an on-board interface, allowing for headphone monitoring, gain control, and a mute button.

Watch this short video to see how easy it is…

Get ready to start that podcast.
You can record studio-quality audio directly into your computer using the EM-USB condenser microphone. 

Recording Microphones & Headphones from Mackie...

Going the Smartphone Route

If you need make high-quality recordings without a computer or laptop, your smartphone paired with the Mackie EM-USB condenser microphone is the obvious choice. All you’ll need in addition is a powered USB hub (the EM-USB is a professional quality microphone and needs a little extra power!). But don’t worry, powered USB hubs really aren’t that expensive.

Here’s a short video on how its done…

Record straight to your smartphone!
This video shows you how to hook your EM-USB microphone to your smart phone in a few quick steps!

Recording Microphones & Headphones from Mackie...

Need some more advice?

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