Mackie brings content creation home!

Content creation has become the dominant means of communication of the modern world. Be it in a personal capacity, sharing experiences with friends and family, or in a professional capacity, sharing ideas, entertainment, and marketing material with your audience and client base.

Mackie have recognized this need, and with a focus on audio content creation, have built an array of products across a number of ranges designed specifically to meet these needs.

Today we’re going to take a look through Mackie’s world of content creation tools to help you build the setup that meets your needs, or help you find the missing piece of your audio creation puzzle!

The Basics

When it comes to creating high quality audio content, there are a few primary requirements to get the best output possible. We’re going to go through each element, breaking down their uses and importance.

The Inputs

The Source: The beginning of any audio recording chain is the source. In the world of content creation, this is most often a microphone, but could extend to things like keyboards or guitars.

The interface: In order to record digital audio, you will need something to convert the raw analog audio signal from a microphone into a digital signal your computer can process. It’s important to note that a number of Mackie’s microphones do this themselves – take a look at Mackie’s USB microphones!

Monitoring and Playback

Once you have your inputs taken care of, making sure you have quality speakers or headphones to listen back to your recording for editing and mixing purposes is incredibly important.

A quality pair of headphones can be a great option for on-the-go editing, or monitoring your sound while recording.

While headphones can be great for this, when doing detailed editing and mixing, nothing will provide a clearer representation of your audio than a pair of flat-response reference monitors (speakers).

The Input Options

Mackie Element Microphones

Mackies range of Element microphones offers everything from a basic handheld stage microphone, to studio-quality large diaphragm condensers, offered with and without USB inputs.

Take a look at our full breakdown of Mackie’s range of Element microphones here:

Mackie Onyx Interfaces

If you’re looking for uncompromising quality to convert your audio from your analog XLR microphone to be digitally recorded, Mackie’s Onyx USB interfaces are built to do just that!

Available in one and two input iterations, and including features like real-time direct monitoring.

Take a look at our full breakdown of Mackie’s Onyx audio interfaces here:

Mackie M-Caster Live

If you’re looking for a simple single-channel interface solution with added features like built-in effects, real-time monitoring, and a beautiful array of RGB lighting, take a close look at the Mackie M-Caster Live!

Find out more about the Mackie M-Caster Live here:

The Output Options

Mackie MC Series Headphones

From the affordable MC-100 (ideal for monitoring, content creation and personal listening), to the high-end MC-450 (an open-back pair of headphones which offer an incredible flat response, ideal for mixing and critical listening), Mackie have developed a set that fits comfortably into every use case.

Explore our full breakdown of the Mackie MC range here:

Mackie CR-X Creative Reference Monitors (Speakers)

The CR-X Series Creative Reference Monitors are designed to meet the needs of audio conscious creators – Stunning looks, studio-quality sound, and convenient features make these a fantastic choice for anyone that wants professional sound without breaking the bank.

It’s important to note that much like an XLR microphone, monitors require an interface drive them via a PC or laptop.

Explore our full breakdown of the Mackie CR range here:

Spoilt for choice?

There are many ways to go about setting up a content creation system that works for you, and finding the right path can sometimes be a daunting task.

If you’re looking for some professional advice to help you decide on the right system for you, feel free to get in touch with one of our experts.

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