Laney Nexus SLS112

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | April 19, 2017

Laney Nexus SLS112

The Laney Nexus SLS112 is a compact yet powerful bass amp for a musician who needs top-shelf reliability.

Engineered for Comfort

What is the main thing an amp must deliver on? It must be able to move air. Air displacement can be the difference between a killer bass tone and one that is lost in the mix.

There is a cost to having bigger air displacement. And that cost is weight. The RnD team over at Laney have poured over every element of the design on this amp, and have been able to get the Laney Nexus SLS112 down to a compact size, while still retaining volume and power.

Now, you won’t need to break the bank, or your back, to get the killer, high-quality tone! Weighing in at only 19kgs, this will be a breeze to get around.


So, we’ve learnt about the weight savings, now let’s look at the tone.

Every piece of great that your signal travels through will, in some way, affect the tone. One of the biggest elements to affect your tone is your preamp.

If you have a great bass, and great speakers, but your preamp can’t hold up, your tone will suffer.

The Laney Nexus SLS112 features the legendary Nexus preamp. This means that the amp can deliver on a punchy, hard-hitting tone. Any bass player who has ever played through a Nexus preamp can tell you about how awesome they are.


We live in an age where everything is connected to everything. Laney has taken our love for technological integration and ensure that we can have it with the Nexus.

You can plug the Laney Nexus SLS112 straight into your computer via the built-in USB port.

If you’ve ever through about plugging your guitar into your computer, then you know that you need an audio sound card. Most people opt for a basic external USB soundcard. One of the best features about the SLS112 is that it will act as your audio interface. So you can record to your computer straight off the amp!

For all the specs, [click here]


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