Jean Village Music In-Store Music Teachers

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | July 13, 2017

Jean Village Music In-Store Music Teachers

If you’re in the Centurion area and are looking for music education, then the Jean Village Music Store has you covered.

Learning an instrument isn’t always an easy task. The three biggest decision you will make in your first few weeks on your music journey will be:

a) Selecting your instrument
b) Buying your instrument
c) Finding a teacher or selecting your learning method

Selecting Your Instrument

If you are not certain what instrument you want to play, then a trip to YouTube will be your best starting point. Search for music that has the instruments you might be interested in. If you can’t think of anything specific just search for the instrument name followed by music.

So if you’re considering piano just search “piano music”. Listen to a few different instrument styles and pick whichever excites you the most.

If you’re still unsure, then get in touch with one of our guys and let us help you discover your dream instrument.

Buying Your Instrument

Buying an instrument for the first time can be daunting, but we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you.

For all the advice you could need on this subject, [click here]. That link will take you to our First Time Buyers Guides. From there you will find links to specific instrument buyers guides. If you’re not big on reading buyers guides, or if you still have questions after reading the guides feel free to drop us a line.

Find The Right Teacher or Teaching Method

If you decide to go the route of going for music lessons, the Jean Village Music In-Store Music Teachers are on hand to help you achieve your goals.

Most students progress faster and stronger with a teacher. A teacher can correct you if you make any mistakes and guide you towards the best approach for learning. Statistically speaking, you will progress slower without a teacher.

If you would prefer to not use a teacher, there are various online resources available to you.

Meet the Jean Village Music In-Store Music Teachers

Vaughan Hamilton – Piano teacher

Vaughan teaches piano through the Trinity, Royal school and Unisa programmes from Grade 1 to Grade 8 and above. He also teaches beginners of all ages from the “Alfred’s” basic piano courses.

071 565 8693




Sean Kensleer – Drum teacher

Sean Studied music at Pretoria Tech and teaches drumming to people of all ages. Children wishing to study drumming with Sean must be able to count because time-keeping is an issue and requires counting skills.

082 893 988



Nico Brewis – Guitar Teacher

Nico Brewis as been active in the music scene as a guitarist and vocalist for decades, he specialises in modern contemporary styles and has seen action in studios, live TV, and live performance in South Africa, Canada and England. He’s been teaching beginner and intermediate guitarists for many years. Some of these have gone on to successful careers.

012 644 9200


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