Ibanez Talman Bass Guitars – Paving the Way to Versatility

The Talman shape was initially introduced by Ibanez back in 1994 as an electric guitar before it was discontinued in 1998.

Over the years, Ibanez reintroduced the shape periodically before bringing the Talman design to a range of basses which have become staples of the Ibanez bass lineup. 

The Talman range of basses are incredibly versatile. The entire range comes equipped with a P/J pickup configuration and active electronics, providing for a great combination of vintage tone recreations as well as nuanced modern tones.

Let’s take a look through the Ibanez Talman bass range.


Value for money is the name of the game with the TMB100, the entry point to the Talman range.

Featuring the Ibanez Dynamix P and J pickups, a Jatoba fretboard, and a poplar body,  the TMB100 is an incredibly well built instrument that offers excellent versatility of tones.

There are two stacked knobs on this bass. The top knob of the stack closest to the end of the body is the treble boost/cut control, and the lower knob is the bass boost/cut control. The top knob of the stack closest to the neck is the volume control, and the lower knob is pickup balancer.

The bass boost/cut frequency curve has a peak at 20 Hz and a variable width that decreases toward the high range, and the treble boost/cut frequency curve creates a bell-shaped curve with a peak around 10000 Hz and zero variable range around 100 Hz. The variable range of the peak frequency is approximately ±15 dB.

Options on the TMB100 include a maple neck, a 5-string, and a maple fretboard.

TMB100M - Maple Fretboard

TMB100L - Left-Handed Bass

TMB105 - 5-String Bass


The TMB30 bass takes all the primary features of the TMB100 and delivers them in a 30″ short scale form with slightly altered electronics.

With the bass held in playing position, directionally, from the lower bout towards the neck, the controls are tone, bridge pickup volume, neck pickup volume.

The TMB30 is also available in a 5-string iteration.

TMB35 - 5-String Bass


The TMB500 is a more premium version of the Talman bass guitar. The Wood, hardware, and electronics have all been upgraded at this point.

The Talman Bass 500 includes a set of Nordstrand P/J pickups, a roasted maple neck, a Okoume body, and upgraded EQ options.

The EQ options are identical to the TMB100 with the addition of an EQ on/off switch allowing the bass to be used in passive mode.

The TMB500 is also available in a 5-string iteration.

TMB505 - 5-String

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