Guitar Tone 101 with Marshall Amplification

Need to know which guitar amplifier to buy to get the guitar tone you’re after, or how to get the most out of your brand new amp? Here’s a great collection of introductory videos for the beginner guitar player. 

Boost your EQ IQ 
Learn how to use your amplifiers equalizer or EQ controls and the tweaks you can make to get the sound you want.

Next Level EQ
Take your guitar tone a step further by exploring Presence, Resonance, Tone, and Tilt…

Understanding Reverb  
From emulating the sound of playing in different sized natural spaces to more unusual effects.

Delay or Echo Effects
Understand the types of delay and the wide range of creative options they offer…

Modulation Effects  
Phasers, Flangers, Chorus and Tremolo all modulate the sound itself, as opposed to adding to it the way delay does.

Heads & Combo Amps
Understand the difference between amplifier heads, cabs and combo amps, and which one to choose. 

Amplifier Technologies
Discover the difference between valve, solid-state, digital and hybrid guitar amplifiers.

Find your perfect guitar amplifier now...

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