Taking place throughout the month, our free educational guitar workshops are presented by some of South Africa’s best guitar and bass players.
We’re also giving away a set of Ernie Ball guitar strings at every workshop.
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Entry to all the workshops is free, but seating is limited. So be sure to arrive early if you want to secure your spot. 

All workshops and performances will be in strict compliance with COVID-19 protocols

Free Guitar Workshops and Performances

Guitar Maintenance & Lapsteel Performance

06 November 2021 - 11h00

Bothners Stellenbosch

Hugo Veldsman & Michael Kolesky

  • Lapsteel Guitar Techniques
  • Using non-traditional techniques on the Lapsteel Guitar
  • When is it time to restring
  • Which oils you should use on your guitar and neck
  • Understanding which strings to use and how they influence playability and longevity

Tapping into the Lapsteel Guitar: Hugo Veldsman

Hugo is known for finger style percussive picking. His incorporation of Lapsteel and Weissonborn guitars became a signiture trait to his sound and live performance. Hugo became the official guitarist of the folk band Antrim in 2018, a collaboration that resulted in the formation of the "Hugo Veldsman Trio". In 2019 Hugo launched his debut Studio Album, "The Calm Before". In 2020 he worked on film tracks and writing and recording material for the DesertBoy EP.


Maintaining Your Guitar: What you need to Know

At the age of 12, Michael began his musical journey, teaching himself indie acoustic guitar along the lines of Chris Chameleon before progressing to bands like In Flames and Korn on the electric guitar, while gaining the knowledge of different instruments like Drums and DJing

The Eccentricities of Modern Guitar

06 November 2021 - 11h00

Bothners Plumstead

Chad Browne

  • Current trends in the instrument market

  • Advancements in guitar design

  • Advancements in modelling

  • Fringe techniques and applications

  • Guitar related tips/hacks for playing or recording

Chad Browne

Chad has worked in the musical instrument trade since 2005 - the last decade of which has been spent working with the local Fender distributors. He has performed in a band with Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Ex Guns 'n Roses, currently in Sons Of Appolo and Asia, as well as being a notable solo artist), played festivals like the KKNK and Metal4Africa, and even spent some time playing in theater shows. Chad's current band is Zero Stroke https://www.facebook.com/ZeroStroke

Jammin' with the Singer

06 November 2021 - 11h00

Bothners West Rand

Andre Kriel of The Black Cat Bone

  • Gear

  • Style

  • Influences

Andre Kriel

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist and founder of The Black Cat Bones


"Bumblefoot" Thal (Ex Guns 'n Roses, currently in Sons Of Appolo and Asia, as well as being a notable solo artist), played festivals like the KKNK and Metal4Africa, and even spent some time playing in theater shows. Chad's current band is Zero Stroke https://www.facebook.com/ZeroStroke

On the Fly

13 November 2021 - 11h00

Bothners Somerset West

Stefan Steyn & Craig Vee

Performance orientated workshop

Stefan will be playing improv pieces with an electric guitar over Craig’s real time live acoustic loops

Gear used by the performers will be discussed between songs

There will also be time for Q and A at the end of the session

Stefan Steyn

Stefan is fluent in all things guitar having used it as a form of expression and teaching tool for the past 25 years. He is so well acquainted with the fretboard that switching from a heavy shredding riff to gypsy styled jazz seems to be second nature.  With music being the central point of his existence and full time occupation for two and a half decades it's easy to imagine that he has done it all. From being a stage hand for the world-renowned Dragonforce to being one of the pioneers in the SA alternative scene. He is an active member of Neo-Folk Steyn de Wet, heavy hitters Woltemade, and alternative rock band Ozzy Mars; just to name a few.  Bedroom to Big Stage to Serious Studio sessions (and everyting in between), Stefan has lived them all - with his insights at your disposal.



Craig Vee

The acoustic maestro and bearded Helderberg sweetheart! Countless years of running fingers up and down the fretboard leaving amazed fans in his wake. Craig Vee takes looping capabilities to soaring new heights, with a healthy mix of all the best genres of music there will be something for everyone’s taste. His guitar knowledge stretches further than the known galaxy and all levels of understanding will be able to join the journey and share in the quirky performance. Deeply meaningful and yet easily palatable. From playing with countless big names to performing his  phenomenal solo acts across the country as well as owning a recording studio – Craig Vee has you covered on all things guitar!

Math Rock - Concepts & Creations

13 November 2021 - 11h00

Bothners Table View

Stefan Louw

Performance orientated workshop

The concepts and creativity behind Math Rock.

Stefan Louw

Stefan started playing guitar at the age of 14 in his church worship band. Since then, he has gone on to play in various cover bands, played festivals, done session work for a few artists, as well as recorded a few EP’s with the bands he has been involved with. He taught himself to play the guitar and studied under Egard Volchenk, a renowned South African jazz guitarist. His preferred genres include Pop, Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz, and Classical. He obtained his Grade 8 in the Rock School syllabus and has more than 10 years of experience helping guitarists reach their personal goals on their guitars.

He has been an instructor at M&M since 2009, breaking down lessons into bite-sized chunks, covering theory, and the practical application of playing guitar.



Guitar Talent - Student Performance

13 November 2021 - 11h00

Bothners West Rand

West Rand Music Academy

Guitar Talent Performance by Students

Becoming a Boss

20 November 2021 - 11h00

Bothners Claremont

Oliver Saggerson

Effects patch design

The finer details of using effects to spice up your tone

Understanding the Boss product range

Q&A about anything guitar and Boss

Oliver is best known as the guitarist of Bulletscript and Rhakshah, Bassist of Alive at Midnight, and as a local BOSS endorsee with 20 years playing experience and a background in sound engineering from Cape Audio College. He is a diverse player in the Cape band scene, performing with rock and metal bands to through to blues and cover acts.


Tips & Tricks for Gigging Musicians

20 November 2021 - 11h00

Bothners N1 Superstore

Albert Frost & Pieter Engelbrecht

Introduction to the essentials of gigging and the tools that you will require

Establishing the target audience for your musical style

The best ways to go about promoting yourself

How to stay relevent and create a demand for your act

Albert Frost

Albert Frost is a familiar and respected feature of the South African blues-rock music scene. He has been dazzling audiances for the last two decades not only with his Rhythm and lead expertise but also his first love, Blues.  He has recorded with the likes of Arno Carstens and Chris Chameleon  and also formed as an integral part of the Blues Broers for 21 years ending in 2015.  His album, The Wake Up, was released in 2016 and won the Best Rock Album at the 2017 SAMA Awards. Being an all round great guy he has always had a way of interacting with audiances that keeps them wanting more.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/albert.frost.music1     

Instagram: @frostalbert

Twitter: @alfrost


Pieter Engelbrecht

Pieter Engelbrecht is a passionate recording artist and session musician specialising in all things guitar. He is currently the guitar specialist at Bothners N1 city mega store. He has worked with the likes of Albert Frost,  Jonno Sweetman,  Schalk Joubert as well as the Blues Broers.

Pieter has gained a wealth of knowledge on the product front with a specific focus on the brands Fender and Boss.


From the Stage to the Classroom

20 November 2021 - 11h00

Bothners Centurion

Prof. Gerrie Pansegrouw & Anton Botha

Pansegrouw Blues made easy

Botha Blues on stage

Artist Choices of Weapon

Anton Botha

In sy laerskool dae het hy alreeds saam met groot name soos Coenie de Villiers, Anneli van Rooyen en Randall Wicomb opgetree. In 2003 is Anton aangewys as een van die tien ATKV Crescendo finaliste.

In 2008 word hy genomineer vir ‘n SAMA-toekenning vir die Beste Afrikaanse Pop Album vir Jakaranda en in dieselfde jaar word hy vereer met ‘n goue plaat vir sy bydrae tot die albums Country Kersfees en Country Konings 1, wat albei onderskeidelik meer as 20 000 eenhede verkoop het.

Anton is in 2016 benoem as ‘n kandidaat in die kategorie vir beste Rock-album tydens die jaarlikse Ghoema-toekennings. As ‘n baie gewilde liedjieskrywer is sy musiek aleur verskeie van ons land se bekendste musieksterre opgeneem. Hy het onder andere vir Juanita du Plessis, Karen Ferreira, Thys die Bosveldklong, Wynand Strydom, Karlien Husselman en Izak Davel geskryf.Hy het al toere saam met die gewilde Robbie Wessels, Wynand Strydom en Thys die Bosveldklong gedoen en het gou in die publiek se harte ingekruip met sy see-blou oë.Resensies van Anton se musiek is al gepubliseer in tydskrifte soos Vrouekeur, Rapport, Rapport Tydskrif en nog vele meer en hy is ook al te sien op televisie programme soos Jukebox, Kwela en DKNT2 op KykNET. Anton se musiek kan gehoor word op talle radiostasies en hy het ook al verskeie top tien plekke behaal op treffersparades. Anton Botha is verseker hier om te bly.

www.facebook.com/AntonBothaBand www.instagram.com/AntonBothaBand




Prof. Gerrie Pansegrouw

Gerrie was born in Zastron 1970-04-16 to Gert and Annie Pansegrouw as their youngest son. He was raised in the Free State in a small town called Hennenman. On completion of grade 12 he moved to JHB Gauteng to study Theology. After which he pursued a career in music.

Gerrie had various opportunities to share the stage with both local and international artists. He also developed music course material for various music schools like SAMI which he also cofounded. He lectures guitar, jazz harmony and sound engineering. Gerrie is also an author and he wrote for some guitar/music magazines. He has various ebooks available for guitar.

As a music producer/arranger/engineer Gerrie also produced allot of albums and he toured with well known groups in SA as guitarist/engineer. He is known among gospel musicians/singers as a clinisist. He also co owned a music shop. Gerrie is a respected guitar player. He plays rock, blues, jazz, funk and country to name a few. Gerrie trained many well known musicians nationally and internationally.


PhD in music education (doctoral on accelerated learning)

Gr 8 Guitar RSL

Bachelors in theology

NQF 6 in music rights and management



https://www.facebook.com/gerrie.pansegrouw ;

How to GT

20 November 2021 - 11h00

Bothners Bloemfontein

Arno Austin & Dirk Kotze-Blaauw

The Boss GT-1 Multi Effects Pedal for Guitar & Bass

Arno is a well known musician in Bloemfontein, currently performing a bass player with local band, Concrete Chapel.

Unlocking Guitar Freedom

20 November 2021 - 11h00

Bothners Kimberley

Marius Kruger & Lyle Burger

Scales: How to create licks and riffs

Picking Techniques

Creative chord progressions

Live Performance

Lyle Burger

Branch manager of Bothners Kimberley, Guitarist for Scrapnel, Busy Makin Bacon, and Gage . With international Tours done in Wales, Scotland and England. Song writer and composer

Marius Kruger

Krüger frontman Marius Krüger is a multi- talented singer/songwriter/guitarist, born and bred in the Diamond city (Kimberley). Combining a decade of singing experience with almost 2 decades of guitar playing experience, resulted in an artist who can not only hold his own as a vocalist and songwriter, but his guitar playing and live performance have left many crowds pleasantly surprised and wanting more.

Marius Krüger received his first guitar at age 9 from his father and quickly learned his way around the fretboard, within a year of playing he was shredding Metallica riffs without effort, a feat not easily accomplished by a self-taught 10-year-old guitarist. After 10 years of playing in his room, he started performing acoustic gigs and discovered that he had a voice with a lot of original qualities that seemed to please crowds as far as he went.

As far as influences go, Metallica certainly got the guitar playing started for him and soon enough Marius discovered artists such as Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews, and Jimmy Page, but a pivoting time in his guitar journey was the year that he started to embrace music from Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Brad Paisley and Stevie Ray Vaughan. You can certainly hear hints of these artists in his playing, but don’t be fooled he has a very distinct tone and original playing style.

As far as songwriting goes Marius Krüger started writing his own music in both Afrikaans and English at the early age of 16, and at age 21 he recorded his first self-written independent album under the name Fly. This was only the start of a songwriting career that would later escalate to him being approached by Sean Manley from Manley Studios to write songs for other performing artists.


Krüger is a “BLUE-TREE-ROCK” Band (blues, country, and rock) that believes in making music with real instruments when performing and recording, plus giving our fans shows and music they can really appreciate! In 2010 Marius got together with drummer Jacques Botes and bassist Butros to form the Band: Krüger, after 5 years of gigs and many memorable moments on and off stage, plus an album to show for it, Butros had to step out of the band to further his Doctorate, he is replaced by the amazing Stuart Milne on bass. The Krüger trio brings a lot of energy to any stage, Jacques has been known to steal the show with his stick tricks and overall crazy drumming, while Stuart will blow you away with some of the quickest fingers, shredding out bass solo’s faster than most guitarists, and if that’s not enough Marius has the tendency to play his guitar behind his back!

Krüger’s first album entitled “Kalahari” was recorded in 2015 at the legendary Manley Studios, the album is an Afrikaans “BLUE-TREE-ROCK” (blues, country, and rock) album that was recorded for the pure purpose of making true and honest music, with real instruments! All the songs on the album were written by Marius Krüger. The band’s first hit “Walker” which is currently played on various Radio stations nationwide is an original song in the style of upbeat country.

The album “Kalahari” is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play store, Amazon and all other major digital outlets.

Krüger Guitar Classes

Krüger Guitar Classes is a Kimberley-based Guitar School with more than a 120 Students currently enrolled! At Krüger Guitar Classes we are in the business of making dreams come true! Teaching music is a passion but we believe it is also a privilege! In 2013 Marius Krüger of the band Krüger was still a diamond sorter on a mine when he impulsively quit his job and decided to start sharing his knowledge of music so he started giving guitar lessons. Krüger Guitar Classes’ name quickly spread as Marius started giving lessons in Kuruman, Kimberley, and Jan Kemp Dorp, within 2 years of starting the business he expanded by training and employing a second teacher Mr. Freek Potgieter, and in 2016 we welcomed Mr. Dillan van Wyk as the third teacher. Now in our 4th year of business, Krüger Guitar Classes is the leading Guitar School in the Northern Cape, and we plan to expand to other Provinces soon. 


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