Guitar Day Workshop: Metal Mastery – The 2 Metal Masters on Stage

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | October 19, 2016

Metal Mastery

Do you want to learn at the feet of legends? To gain the wisdom of the titans? Then this is the workshop for you!

Come through of a truly unique workshop, presented by Chris Hall and Adriano Rodrigues; the guitarists, songwriters and driving forces behind the bands Infanteria, and Zombies Ate my Girlfriend.

With over 20 years of experience between them, the pair has become some of the most formidable forces in the South African metal scene.

Chris the songwriter for Infanteria; the 2013 “Battle for Wacken” winners. Adriano is the songwriter for Zombies Ate my Girlfriend; the “Battle for Wacken” in 2016 winners.

Consequently, there is no better pair to enlighten you on the finer points on how to write metal songs. These two have shown time and time again that they are the top of their game. It is because of this that both guitarists have been awarded Jackson guitar and Ernie Ball string endorsements!


1) Songwriting
The guys will delve into the finer points of their songwriting styles and techniques. After this, they will teach you a few tips to improve your own songwriting. If you’ve been struggling to get that idea out of your head and onto paper, then this might be exactly what you need

2) Playing styles and techniques
Each guitarist develops their own styles and techniques. This is what gives a guitarist their own voice. By learning the techniques of other players you can take what appeals to you and discard the rest. Come and see how your techniques and styles differ from the greats.

3) Gear
Gear is one of the most selective topics between guitarists. We can objectively agree that a good quality guitar or amp is better than a no name brand amp from the local second-hand store. But when it comes to high-end gear, a lot of subjectivity goes into making a choice. Learn why Chris and Adriano have chosen the gear they chose, and how it affects their tone.

4) The importance of live performances
“A great live performance has been a great asset to both bands,” says, Chris. “We’ll discuss what makes a great live show and how you can improve your live performance”

5) Influences
This is a perfect opportunity to learn what and who influenced the guys to write and play the way they do. By learning more about a band’s influences, you get the opportunity to understand their journey better.

In conclusion, come through to gain some of the wisdom of the titans!

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