Mackie is one of our favourite developers of hi-tech audio equipment. Their built-like-a-tank mentality combined with a dedication to audio quality of the highest standard, and bang-for-buck value, Mackie just have all their priorities in the right places.

This holds incredibly true for their SRT range of professional powered loudspeakers. Designed for real-world performance, the SRT range bridges the gap between the budget-focused Thump range, and the high-end SRM range.

Mackie have combined the latest acoustic processing technology, powerful amplifiers, and ultra-versatile SRT Mix Control and the SRT Connect app to allow for easy setup, incredible sound, and unbeatable reliability.

Let’s take a look at what makes these speakers tick.

Advanced Impulse DSP Module

Mackie’s filtering technology is not your typical speaker processing. The goal of the Advanced Impulse DSP is to remove all the anomalies that loudspeakers and horns contribute to a signal, from “honkiness” or “squelch” to “mushy” low end, effectively making the drivers “invisible” and output nothing but perfect, clean sound. By more intelligently (and more thoroughly) employing the benefits of FIR filtering, Advanced Impulse DSP eliminates undesired acoustic anomalies across the entire dispersion zone (horizontal and vertical), as well as frequency range and time domain.

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Wireless Control & Streaming

With the SRT Connect mobile app, you have complete control over all parameters for up to 2 speakers simultaneously. Quickly access levels, EQ, meters, and configuration. Plus, you can save memory presets to streamline setup at your next gig.

When you link to another SRT Series loudspeaker, you get control over the entire system in the app, all in one view. No additional pairing or swapping back and forth on your device is required.

For an incredibly simple music playback system, you can stream music directly from any Bluetooth enabled device.

Sym-X Horn

The custom horn within each SRT Series speaker was designed with the goal to bring out the very best from the HF transducer while maintaining the flattest response possible at the crossover point. The special design of this horn allows the compression driver to operate at near maximum efficiency. This means it gets louder and sounds better with less effort. The transition between the LF and HF is a symmetrical, flat response which is what helps make the incredibly smooth midrange in SRT Series speakers possible.

The Amplifier

The SRT’s are all powered speakers. Powered by 1600W Class-D amplifiers, to be specific. This means the range has power on tap, with an incredible capacity for volume, and headroom to spare.

Mix Control

The SRT includes a 4-channel digital mixer with Bluetooth via a full colour display. This allows you to control voicing, EQ, and alignment delay settings, all at a glance.

Optimized Voicing

Simple selection between Flat, Live, Speech, Club, and Monitoring via the control panel allows you to apply a preset response curve, optimizing the speaker for that specific use-case.

Transparent System Protection

A sophisticated combination of input limiting, multi-band compression, temperature monitoring, and signal analysis keep the amplifier and transducers safe.

The Range

The Loudspeakers

The full range of SRT speakers offer the same feature set, and power rating described above, with the only differing factor being the size of the driver and housing. This impacts their maximum SPL (Sound Pressure Level) and frequency response range

SRT210 - 10"

Frequency Response: 47Hz-20kHz

Max SPL: 128dB

SRT212 - 12"

Frequency Response: 44Hz-20kHz

Max SPL: 132dB

SRT215 - 15"

Frequency Response: 42Hz-20kHz

Max SPL: 133dB

The Subwoofer

The SRT218S Subwoofer offers the same 1600W Class-D amplifier, but with a far lower frequency response at 33Hz – 200Hz, and fit-for-purpose voicing presets – Flat, Deep, and Punch. This allows you to optimize the low end of your speaker system with precision.

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