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By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | January 23, 2018

In-Store Teachers

You’ve decided that you or one of your loved ones should play an instrument. You’ve selected what instrument you want to play, and have bought the right one of you. Now, all you need is a teacher.

In-Store Teachers

At Paul Bothner Music, we believe that learning to play an instrument should be as easy as possible. To that end, we have contracted various in-store teachers to work from a few of our branches. This means that you don’t need to roll the dice when it comes to selecting a teacher. All you need to do is chat with one of our customer consultants, and ask them if their store offers in-store lessons.

Many of our in-store teachers have been with us for years. Some of them have been with us for over 10 years! That is an almost unmatched level of expertise.

We have teachers who offer lessons for all the basic instruments. So if you’re looking for a guitar teacher in Cape Town or a piano teacher in Centurion, then we might have the solution for you.

Advantages of In-Store Teachers

While a lot of learning an instrument comes down to discipline, motivation still plays a big part. Being surrounded by top quality instruments is a great motivational booster.

In addition to the motivation, you will always be guaranteed expert advice. Our customer consultants are all professional musicians and experts in their field. They are always happy to give you advice on gigging and gear, and if you need your instrument repaired, who better to turn to?

More Information

None of our teachers works directly for Paul Bothner Music, so for more information, it is better to contact the teacher you want directly. You can find all the teachers and their contact details [here].


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