Fender Passport Venue PA System

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | February 23, 2017

Fender Passport Venue PA System

The life of a travelling musician can be tough. This becomes especially true when you’re playing solo shows duets where you are expected to bring along your own PA system. Lugging about instruments, speakers, power amps, mixers, mics and all the cabling you need can often mean multiple trips to and from your car and a long set-up period. Unless, of course, you own a Fender Passport Venue PA System

Fender Passport Venue PA System

The Fender Passport Venue PA System in an all in one, self-contained PA system. The entire system is able to clip together to form a suitcase, making carrying all the components a breeze. Simply grab the handle in one hand and your guitar in your other hand, and you’re good to go!

The passport has a compartment in the back to make storing and carrying cables, mics and other small items a breeze. No more will you have to worry about a separate case bag. There is even enough space for you to toss in a guitar pedal or two – assuming they’re not too big of course.

At 600watts this PA is ideal for a medium to large sized audience, providing that you play indoors. For outdoor events, it would be best suited to smaller crowds. Another great feature of the passport system is that it is ideal for band practice as well as live shows. So, while you’re in a practice environment you can dial in all your tones, and then have complete control over your sound when playing live!

The Fender Passport Venue PA System comes with an integrated 10-channel mixer, reverb and USB functionality.

Using the USB functionality on the Venue system, you have to option to record directly to a USB drive. This is a great feature for band practices, which will allow you to listen to your playing.


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