Fender Acoustic 100, 200 & SFX Guitar Amplifiers

When it comes to buying an acoustic guitar, most of us will agonise over the wood, construction, and tone. We will try a few different models from as many brands as we can and eventually take home our perfect guitar. But no matter how good your guitar is, if you play it through a sub-par amplifier, your guitar will not convey the tone you want.

If you want to ensure that your guitar sounds as good (if not better) plugged in as it does acoustically, then you need an acoustic guitar amp that can accurately amplify the tone of your instrument; you need a Fender Acoustic 100, Acoustic 200 or SFX amplifier.

Ideal for the Singer/Songwriter

If you’re a singer/songwriter, then you’re already familiar with how tricky it can be to lug mounds of gear everywhere you go. You’ve got to take your guitar, amp, a small PA system (since many venues don’t offer one), your microphone, cables, and the list goes on.

With the Fender acoustic range, you can finally reduce your load!

The Acoustic 100, Acoustic 200, and SFX each has two identical channels, with jack/XLR hybrid inputs. That means that your guitar amp can double as your vocal amp.

Not a singer? No problem! You can use the second channel for a ukulele, a second guitar, anything you can imagine.

Built-in Effects

The Acoustic series of guitar amps include a host of onboard effects to allow you to dial in that “perfect tone”. You can choose from delays, chorus, reverb, or a few combo options. And since each channel on the amp is independent (but identical), you can have different effect setting for each channel.

Fender Acoustic 100 vs Fender Acoustic 200

Deciding between the 100 and the 200 comes down to a straightforward variable; how large are the venues that you will be playing in? 

Both the 100 and the 200 have near identical construction. The only difference is power and speaker count. The 200 is double the power and has double the wattage. This double-up results in the Fender Acoustic 200 being 6-decibels louder and allows the sound to travel twice as far. 

Fender SFX Professional Acoustic Amplifier

The Fender SFX acoustic amplifier is one of the most visually stunning acoustic guitar amps to ever come onto the market. The sleek lines and wood finish ensure that the amp stands out from a crowd. But, if the amp doesn’t sound as good as it looks, what’s the point? 

Fortunately the Fender SFX sounds even better than it looks. The twin-channel, 160-watt stereo amp will give acoustic guitarists the headroom they need to sound their best. The addition of on-board effects will allow you to dial in the perfect tone for any situation. 

Best in Class

The Fender SFX  (SFX stands for Stereo Field Expansion ) is aimed at professional musicians who will not settle for second best. The SFX offers a lush sonic experience that most acoustic guitar amps cannot match.  Even though it is a fully digital unit, the stereo feature means that you get a natural sounding projection.  SFX offers a relatively accurate tone reproduction which can be shaped however you need it to be.

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