Faith Trembesi

Faith Trembesi

Faith guitars have taken the South African acoustic market by storm! And if you’ve ever played one, then you’ll know firsthand why they’ve become so popular. One of the newest editions to the faith range is the Trembesi series.

At this point, you might be thinking to yourself, “what is Trembesi?”

Trembesi is an Indonesian tonewood which has good resonance, and a grain similar to mahogany when viewed from a distance. The closer you look at the grain on the guitar, the more you’ll notice how figured and stunning it is.

When you first play the guitar with a Trembesi back and sides, you’ll notice that the tone sits somewhere between mahogany and a rosewood sound. That means that the Faith Tremebsi series is perfect for strumming and finger-style playing. If you’re playing style moves from strumming to picking to soloing and back to strumming again, this is the ideal tonal solution for you.

To balance out the tone, the Faith Trembesi guitars all come with Engleman Spruce tops. The spruce adds stability and brightness to even out the tone.

As one reviewer put it:

This is my second Neptune (the other being a naked series).
The finish on this guitar is stunning!
It is flawless.
The Trembesi has got a little more sparkle than the naked series, but is still vary warm.
The action seems a little lower as well which suits my playing style.
Overall absolutely amazing.
Would I swap it for any other brand?
If you are worried you will be sacrificing build quality, aesthetics or tone compared to higher priced guitars – Don’t.
Buy a Faith and never look back.

If you’ve never played on a Faith guitar before, or if you would like to play on a Trembesi, why not drop us a line? One of our guitar specialists will get in touch, and we can arrange for you to give one a go.

To maximise sustain, and to extend the life of your strings as much as possible, Faith has equipped the Trembesi series with a TUSQ nut and saddle.

If you want to read more about Faith Trembesi guitars, check out the Faith website.

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