Faith Guitars – Who are Faith Guitars?

Available exclusively at Paul Bothner Music and Village Music stores, Faith Guitars are now available in South Africa!
Founded in 2002, Faith Guitars are the passion of a small team of seasoned guitar experts based in Shropshire, England and led by world-renowned British luthier, Patrick James Eggle.

Patrick says: “My approach to building guitars could easily be described as obsessive. My life has been driven by guitars of all types since I was a young boy, and having built my first instrument at the age of 15, I have been refining the design ever since.”

“Much like a sculptor or material artist, I start with a clear picture of the end result. Then I choose the appropriate tonewoods, bracing pattern and touch-point materials, and can set about the process of shaping these raw materials into both a playable and desirable instrument.”

“Whether it’s one of my own UK-built PJE guitars or one of my Faith designs, my goal is the same: the creation of an instrument that is both highly desirable and highly functional. A piece that would be as visually effective when silent as it would be sonically when in the hands of a skilled musician.”

Faith Shapes

Jupiter – Jumbo

The Faith Jupiter model is a traditional 17″, Full-bodied Jumbo guitar.

You can sure of a big, powerful delivery, rich in bass and low-end resonance

Neptune – Baby Jumbo

The Faith Neptune shape is based upon Patrick James Eggle’s highly acclaimed ‘Saluda’ shape.

A Baby-Jumbo size with a 16″ lower bout, the Neptune is the perfect model for those seeking acoustic power without the physical bulk of a full-sized Jumbo.

Saturn – Dreadnought

One of the orginal Faith shapes that launched the brand at the beginning of this century, the Saturn is a square-shouldered dreadnought design.

Based upon the traditional early 20th century designs, the Saturn is like an old friend: you know exactly what to expect, and it always delivers just as you would want.

Venus – OM Cut/Auditorium

The Venus is the now iconic shape that brought Faith Guitars to the consciousness of so many players over the years. The combination of a 15″ lower bout and a slimmer depth of body looks to classic OM or Auditorium body-shapes for inspiration, and makes the Venus the perfect compromise.

It is still big enough to deliver a big acoustic performance, yet remains small enough for the player to jump around on stage with no problem.

Mercury – Parlour

A little beauty, the mercury is a traditional short-scale parlour model. With the neck joining the body at the 12th fret – rather than the 14th – the strings are held at a slightly lower tension than on regular models. Another implication of the 12th fret join is that the bridge is shifted further from the soundhole.

These features result in a guitar that is physically easier to play, sounds much bigger than you would imagine and is also simple to handle and transport.

Mars – Dreadnought

Based upon the Patrick James Eggle ‘Kanuga’ model, the Mars is a classic drop-shoulder dreadnought design.

Tonally a great all-rounder, the Mars attracts the player with an eye and ear for tradition.

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Solid Tonewoods

“The use of solid tonewood is central to the sound of all Faith Guitars. Although laminated woods have their place in instrument building, wherever possible solid woods are preferable, as just like a fine wine, solid wood will mature and improve over time, as will the instrument’s tone.”
Find out more about the materials and build philosophy of Faith guitars here


Faith pride themselves on the quality of their guitars, and the quality of the workmanship.

Faith Guitars are made in Indonesia where they partner with a superb, family-run and experienced workshop staffed by woodworking graduates and highly trained luthiers.

The Spruce, Cedar and Maple is FSC certified and obtained from tonewood timber merchants in the USA or Europe. The Mahogany, Rosewood, Trembesi and Ebony timbers are from plantation-grown, officially managed forests in Indonesia and are purchased from official, government-certified merchants.

The British or European timbers used in the Signature models are sourced through specialist timber merchants in the UK or Europe.

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