Eileen Pilot and Chi-Pin Hsieh

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On Saturday the 19th of September Eileen Pilot presented a FREE workshop at Paul Bothner Music in Plumstead. From her work as vocal coach on Coca Cola Pop Stars, to performing as lead singer in a band, in studio sessions, on TV, and as a cabaret artist; Eileen has had experience in all spheres of the music industry, making her one of the few singers who can help improve vocal performances in all genres.

There was a full house for the workshop, with over 60 people in attendance! The audience had a blast, and were clapping and singing along.

One of the topics Eileen covered was breathing and the correct use of your vocal box. From there she went onto to rhythmic changes and pitch recognition. She showed how to sing along with scales. She empathized control of pitch as well as staying in time. One of her exercises was to sing the root of scale, then up to a specific interval and back to the root note again. This particular exercise had the audience fascinated. Many of them had never thought to do this exercise before.

From there she went onto a few R&B and Hip Hop exercises – this got the younger participants going crazy.

Throughout the workshop the main point that she stressed was that the vocal box is a muscle and that it memorizes everything that you teach it, just like a guitarists fingers or the way a rugby player kicks a ball, or even down to changing gears in your car. It all comes down to muscle memory, so it’s vital that you teach your vocal box the correct technique.


The internationally renowned violinist Chi-Pin Hsieh recently presented a workshop at Paul Bothner Music in Plumstead. The great bass player, Alistair Andrews was in attendance and this to say about the workshop:

Our Plumstead Superstore had the honor of hosting a fantastic workshop by Taiwanese violinist Chi-pin Hsieh, accompanied by his wife Kai-ya Chang on piano.
The workshop was super informative and Chi-pin has the ability to present things that are complicated in a very simple way. He also has a great sense of humor.

Those present were taken on a journey from Blues to Rock to Funk to Country to Classical to Asian to Latin to Jazz and Fusion Music.
He is an amazing player and teacher and explained music expressions, that went far beyond the violin and could benefit anybody that loves music regardless of their taste or level in music and irrespective of whether they play a musical instrument or not. Kai-ya is an awesome piano player and assisted with practical examples. Alistair Andrews joined them on bass on a Latin tune.

He uses effects on his violin, which is not very common and explained how to use them in a way that could benefit any instrumentalist. They also touched on their journey as musicians and the studies and hard work they put in and sacrifices they made to get where they are. In the Q&A at the end of the workshop, I think that every one had their questions answered in a very satisfactory way. All and all, one of those workshops that is just a cut above the rest. It was absolute magic and those who missed it missed a lot.

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