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By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | July 5, 2018

Dexibell is a modern Italian company steeped in tradition, who strives to bring you the best sound quality of any product in its price range.

As a company, Dexibell has taken some of most beloved piano tones from history and put them into modern and sleek cabinets. Nowhere else will you find the 1850’s notes of Chopin’s favourite piano medled with a cutting-edge Cortex-Quadcore electronic brain.


Dexibell H7 Home Piano in Polished Black

Are you looking for a stunning looking and sounding piano to be the centrepiece of your lounge or music room? Then the H7 in Polished Black is the perfect solution.

The H7 features the all-new “True 2 Life” (T2L) technology. T2L has been created to enhance the responsiveness and accuracy of the tone. Additionally, T2L technology allows the piano to respond relative to the dynamic articulation of the pianist.



Dexibell H7 Piano

Polished black looks stunning if you keep it clean. If you have pets or small children around, this can be an impossible task.

If you are looking for that great H7 tone, but don’t want to constantly clean your instrument, then this is the perfect solution.



Dexibell H3 Piano

The H3 is the perfect home piano for new players or players who only play once in a while.It features the amazing T2L technology of the H7, but the in a simpler and quieter model.

The H3 is perfect for anyone who lives in a small space where noise or space might be an issue.



Dexibell S7 88-Key Stage Piano

The Dexibell S7 is the flagship model for the Dexibell stage piano range. Offering 88 weight, ivory-feel keys this piano will not only sound authentic but also feel authentic.

Like all the piano’s in the Vivo range, the S7 features T2L technology with unlimited polyphony to ensure that you will always sound great on stage.



Dexibell S3 73-Key Stage Piano

Weighing in at just over 10kgs, this stage piano won’t break your back or your bank! There is no other stage piano on the market, in this price range, that can compete with the Dexibell S3.

With unlimited polyphony and wireless streaming via Bluetooth, this is the perfect solution for that stage pianist who doesn’t require an 88-key keyboard.



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