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Arturia is a designer and manufacturer of electronic instruments, controllers, effects, interfaces, and plugins. Based in France,  Arturia’s mission is to make modern music production as easy as possible.

From small form-factor hardware synthesizers to intuitive and responsive keyboard controllers, we’re going to take a look at an overview of the Arturia range.


The _lab Range

The Lab range from Arturia is a series of integrated instruments and MIDI controllers. From portable keyboards for on-the-go musical sketching to full-range weighted stage piano workhorses, there’s a Lab controller for every application.



KeyLab Essential


The _step Range

Control your desktop synths, your modular rig, your software – the Step range lets you control it all.
Controllers designed to keep all your gear in perfect sync, with instant sequencing, playful arpeggios, playable chord modes, and flexible connectivity to suit any setup, style, or project.

KeyStep Pro

BeatStep Pro


Arturia’s hardware synthesizers are split between their _brute and _freak ranges.

The _brute Range

The _brute Range is a series of raw analog synthesizers offering true tactile, electric control over analog sound. 

The range opens with the MicroBrute, a small form-factor pure analog monophonic synthesizer with a full selection of synth controls such as mixable waveforms, a new sub-oscillator design, the world-renown Steiner-Parker multimode filter, a super-fast envelope, and a syncable LFO. But that is just the start, moving along up the range, the flagship MatrixBrute and PolyBrute synths stand out as some of the greatest monophonic and polyphonic synths around, respectively.

The PolyBrute is a 6-voice powerhouse with practically endless control and accuracy, while the MatrixBrute brings modular flexibility to a stand-alone unit.

The _freak Range

The _freak Range is a series of edgy digital synthesizers designed to unite digital, analog, wavetable and FM into a practical and musical palette.

The MicroFreak is analog modeling creative tool designed to make you think outside of the box and stimulate your creativity with 16 oscillator modes, 5 bespoke Arturia engines and 7 mutable instruments.

To take it a step further, the MicroFreak Vocoder has a built in vocoder and microphone to allow you to even further expand your creativity.


_MicroFreak Vocoder

Audio Interfaces

Arturia ventured outside of their scope of synthesizers and controllers to enter the world of audio interfaces and effects with the _fuse Range. And what’s more is, they’ve done a stellar job of it. Using high-end converters, class-leading Discrete Pro pre-amps, and advanced TAE effects modelling.

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