Cort Little CJ Series

From pilots and people who travel to students or musicians with smaller hands, the mini-sized guitar has become pervasive. But while most guitar brands are making a small-sized or travel guitar, not all are equal. The Cort CJ range is the perfect example of the intersection where world-class quality meets an affordable price.

One of the first concerns that most players raise when they see a smaller guitar the tone. Can a small-body guitar sound good? The truth is that there is no yes/no answer. Will one of the Cort CJ Little guitars sound great? With their bright, crisp tone we think that they sound awesome. But ultimately, like with any guitar, you will need to try one out and decide for yourself if you like the sound.

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Little CJ

With its beautiful mahogany back and sides, the Cort Little CJ will creep into your heart and ensure you’ll enjoy it for years to come. The ¾-sized guitar ensures comfort for its player with its arched back but still gives a rich sound. The Little CJ also features a solid Sitka Spruce top, Fishman Presys II electronics, and an Ovangkol fingerboard.

The Fishman Presys II is effective for tone shaping with its Phase switch and ensures noiseless operation during any musicians’ live performances.

Little CJ Blackwood

Identical to the Little CJ OP except for its solid blackwood back and sides, the Little CJ Blackwood provides the perfect look for any gig whether you’re playing tunes around the campfire or performing at a coffee shop. The Little CJ Blackwood is very comfortable for its player and includes a V-shape neck profile to allow easy playing for artists with smaller hands. 

Because of its all-blackwood body, the Little CJ Blackwood will age beautifully allowing the wood to resonate naturally.

Little CJ Walnut

You’ll easily stand out from the crowd with the luxurious looking Little CJ Walnut. The walnut includes a walnut back and sides with identical features to the CJ Mini OP. With its arched back, you’ll have excellent comfort and rich sound.

 The guitar features an Ovangkol fingerboard and a scale length of 23.5” which will produce the best sound quality and is perfect for guitar players with smaller hands.


Its player will also have improved playability because of the Little CJ Walnut’s scooped surface bridge. The scooped bridge provides a greater string angle from the body to the saddle.

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