Cort GE30B Bass Guitar Amp with Tilt Back

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | October 11, 2018

Cort GE30B Bass Guitar Amp with Tilt Back
A good bass tone needs to hit you in your gut. It’s something you simultaneously hear and feel. That is why it is imperative that you play through a bass amp that gives you complete control over your tone. Introducing the Cort GE30B Bass amp…

Coming in at 30 watts, the Cort GE30B isn’t quite big enough to play to a stadium, but it is the perfect size for a practise room or small venue. This is the ideal bass amp for students and professionals who want to travel lightly.

But don’t take our word for it. Why not find a store and test one out for yourself?

Features of the Cort GE30B

Active and passive inputs:

The GE series of bass amps come equipped with both “Active” and “Passive” inputs. This helps you, the player, to find the right tone for your bass guitar. A great benefit of this is that is you have two basses with different configurations; you will only need one amp. Hint: When your bass has a very hot signal, try using the active input.

Built-in compressor

Many bass players are of the opinion that a compressor is vital to your tone. Whatever your feelings on the matter are, it’s a great addition to see one built into the amp.

5-band equaliser

Take total control of your tone, no matter what room you’re in! The 5-band equaliser features carefully selected frequency bands that are ideal to bring the natural character of your bass guitar while providing a wide range of sounds and tonal character.

Tilt-back construction

The Cort GE30B features a tilt-back cabinet design has two angles for the most optimum sound projection depending on the playing situation. The straight angle is typically used for projecting to an audience while tilt-back is for monitoring the performer’s sound.

Click here to read all the specifications of the GE30B

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