Cort GA5F-MD Grand Auditorium

Cort GA5F-MD Grand Auditorium

The Cort Grand Regal series of guitars are not only good looking, but they have professional stage ready tone. If you’re looking to add some character or variety to your playing, then the Cort GA5F-MD is a perfect option.

GA5F-MD Grand Auditorium Cutaway

The new Grand Regal series of Cort guitars has been based on the popular Grand Auditorium body shape. The GA5F-MD fills its own niche size market. It is the happy medium between the dreadnaught and concert-sized guitars, which gives it a full and balanced tone. This means the the GA4F-MD will suit most styles of acoustic music.

The nut is 45mm wide, which means that this guitar is perfectly suited to fingerpicking styles of playing. For those who are unfamiliar with guitar nut widths – at 45mm this nut is slightly wider. This means that the strings are spaced slightly further apart, which makes fingerpicking easier.

Madagascar Rosewood Back and Sides

Besides the slighter wider nut, one of the things that truly sets the GA5F-MD apart is its Madagascar Rosewood Back and Sides. Madagascar Rosewood is sonically very similar to Brazilian Rosewood (one of the most sought out tonewoods in the world).

The Madagascar Rosewood is known for its distinctive reddish grains and bright tone. The tone is much brighter and less bass heavy than Indian Rosewood, which gives guitars using this wood more high-end presence and sparkle. In addition, the guitar will feel more responsive and lively when played.


If you have a great tone when playing acoustically, then half the battle is won. IF however, your tone doesn’t translate well when plugged into an amp, then what’s the point? Yes, you sound great on stage, but your audience won’t hear what you hear.

To ensure that this guitar delivers on tone when plugged in, Cort has fitted it with a Fishman Presys EQ system. Fishman is one of the best known and most widely used pickup manufacturers in the acoustic guitar world, and for good reason!

For all the specs on this guitar, check out the [Cort Website].

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