Cort Bass Guitars – from Action to Artisan

Cort have been building guitars and basses since 1973, under their own brand, and for countless other guitar brands, and are currently one of the largest guitar makers in the world. This has provided them with a wealth of experience and opportunity to build an understanding of exactly what players need.

The bass range from Cort is a clear representation of their unmatched understanding of how and where to provide the maximum value at every price point.

Their entry-level instruments focus on build-quality and performance, ensuring that despite a lower price point, the instrument has the capacity to deliver at a professional standard.

Moving up the product tier, this trend of delivering value where it counts continues, with each additional feature being primarily focused on improving the experience of the player, and the versatility of the instrument. From upgraded pickups, pre-amps, to additional switching options and upgraded hardware.

Let’s take a look at Cort’s stack of basses and find out exactly what’s on offer at every entry-point, and help you find yuor next Cort bass!

Action Series

The Action Series is Cort’s stripped-down, entry-level range. Offering bolt-on construction and proprietary hardware across the board. Available in PJ, HH, and a short scale configurations, there is an option for every type of player.

Action Junior

A stripped-down short scale bass focused on playability with a single soapbar pickup and a beautiful open pore finish.

Action PJ

The Action PJ features a PJ pickup set, the P-type bass pickup is ideal for genres such as hard rock, classic rock while the J-type pickup is well-suited for jazz and pop. 

Action HH

A two-humbucker configuration with a versatile wiring scheme to offer a variety of excellent usable sounds as well as the active/passive switching option.

Action Bass Plus

The Action Bass V Plus features a classic jazz pickup set. The pair of J-type bass pickup along with the pickup balance control is an industry standard that delivers a wide range of bass sounds.

The Action HH and Plus are both available in 4 and 5 string configurations

Action DLX AS

The Action DLX V AS features he Markbass MB-1 EQ providing a very natural and transparent boost that does not color the organic nature or resonance of the instrument’s woods.

Action DLX Plus

The Action DLX Plus adds a figured maple top rarely found on value-priced instruments. The highly figured top adds a dimension of luxury and class in Faded Grey Burst and Cherry Red Sunburst.

The Action HH and Plus are both available in 4 and 5 string configurations

Artisan Series

Designed for serious bass players who require premium looks, sound, playability and features, the Artisan Series basses offer world-class materials, workmanship and high-end components, such as Bartolini MK-1 pickups.

C- Plus ZBMH

Features boutique high-end looks, materials, components and performance. Mahogany body with Zebrawood and Maple Top, and Bartolini MK-1 pickups.

B- Plus MH

Solid Mahogany body and a 5 piece Panga Panga and Walnut Neck. Features bolt-on construction for a warm open sound with great sonic dispersion.

The C- Plus ZBMH and B- Plus MH are available in 4 and 5 string configurations

B- Plus AS

Including all the features of the B range,with the addition of a Swamp Ash body.

B- Plus AS RM

Adds a roasted maple neck to the B- Plus AS model

The B- Plus AS and B- Plus AS RM are available in 4 and 5 string configurations


Designed and developed for fretless bass players who need to get a more “acoustic” bass sound to go along with a great fretless electric bass sound and feel. Blackwood Top on chambered Mahogany body.

A- Plus FMMH

The reference Cort bass designed and built for the working musician who requires excellent performance and rock-steady reliability gig after gig. Featuring neck-thru-body construction, premium Mahogany body with Maple top, and Bartolini pickups and electronics.

The A- Plus FMMH is available in 4, 5, and 6 string configurations

A4 Ultra Ash

Features an Ash Top on a Mahogany body, providing punchy lows and clear highs. The newly developed fishman Fluence Bass soapbar pickups and its 2-band EQ will satisfy any modern bassist.

A5 Plus SC

For bassists who seek top-of-the-line professional sounds and build quality through a single cutaway body shape which improves the body-neck balance for added comfort while still providing unfettered access to the high frets. Available in both standard scale and multiscale configurations.

Regardless of your equirements or budget, Cort have a bass perfectly sorted to every entry-point and use case.

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