Cort Action Bass Guitars – More than just a first bass

Cort have been building guitars and basses since 1973, under their own brand, and for countless other guitar brands, and are currently one of the largest guitar makers in the world. This has provided them with a wealth of experience and opportunity to build an understanding of exactly what players need.

The bass range from Cort is a clear representation of their unmatched understanding of how and where to provide the maximum value at every price point.

This is particularly evident in their Action Bass lineup – Aimed at students, stage-ready players budget-conscious pro’s, and everyone in between, the Action bass series is the most affordable series is Cort’s offering.

But this is where Cort’s excellent value comes into play. While the Action basses do serve as excellent first instruments, they are so much more than that. With incredibly high-quality construction, and high-end pickups and electronics, the Action bass series punches way above it’s weight-class.

Let’s take a closer look at the lineup.

The Cort Action PJ

Simple, versatile, and attainable – with a PJ pickup set, an ergonomic body shape, die-cast machineheads, and an open pore finish.

No matter your aspirations or choice of genre, the Action PJ is versatile enough to produce the sound for you. The Action PJ features a PJ pickup set, the P-type bass pickup is ideal for genres such as hard rock and classic rock while the J-type pickup is well-suited to jazz and pop. This combination provides a wealth of classic bass sounds for virtually any musical genre and style.

The Cort Action PJ is available in Open Pore Black and Open Pore Walnut.

The Cort Action Bass Plus

The Cort Action Bass Plus is the next step up in the lineup, offering a 2-band active EQ for more tone-shaping options, and high-gloss finishes in Trans Red and Black.

The Cort Action Bass V Plus

The Cort Action Bass V Plus is the the 5-string iteration of the Action Plus. Retaining the full feature-set of the 4-string iteration, with the exception of the pickups. The Action V Plus features a pair of J-bass pickups which offer a classic and beloved bass sound to cover virtually any musical situation.

The Cort Action Bass DLX AS

The Action Bass DLX AS steps things up a notch, featuring a Markbass MB-1 EQ providing a very natural and transparent boost that does not color the organic nature or resonance of the instrument’s woods. The crystal clarity and natural warmth combined exude a passive feel with smooth lows, full-bodied mids, and bell-like highs. Other standout features include a pair of Cort Powersound soapbar pickups, and and ash body.

The Cort Action Bass DLX V AS

The Action Bass DLX V AS offers the full feature-set of the standard Deluxe, in a 5-string configuration, for players looking for that great Low-B sound through an active EQ.

In Summary

As we mentioned earlier in the article, this is a range of incredily well-built basses, with increasingly versatile feature-sets, dependent on what you’re looking for out of a bass. But right from the Action PJ through to the DLX V AS, the Action series is packed full of basses that will serve you for decades in your playing journey.

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