Boss GT-1000 Guitar Multi Effects Processor

The Boss GT series of guitar effects pedals has always been a favourite among guitarists looking for that perfect balance of versatility, tone, and ruggedness. The Boss GT-1000 delivers on all those fronts, and thanks to its new AIRD technology and Bluetooth integration, it offers a whole lot more than ever before.

Are you looking for a versatile effects pedal? Something that can handle any style you throw at it? Then you should test-drive the Boss GT-1000. The GT-1000 is the perfect pedal for anyone who wants an all-in-one effects solution. Regardless of whether you play on stage, in the studio, or in your garage, this pedal can handle anything you throw at it.

Easy To Use

One of the best features of the GT-1000 is how easy it is to use. There’s nothing worse than getting a piece of gear that on paper looks fantastic, but needs a pilots licence to operate. Fortunately, using the GT is a breeze. The well-organised on-board interface of the pedal makes editing patches a breeze. Additionally, the ten stomp buttons are easy enough to be seen, and used, even in dim lighting.

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Boss AIRD Technology

Boss is continuously working on new technologies to improve the tone of their products. AIRD is the latest development to make it into one of their products. So what is AIRD?

AIRD, or Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics, delivers a true approximation of valve amp tone, in a digital pedal.

“AIRD amplifiers live and breathe like real tube amps, providing inspiring feel and authentic tonal dynamics that were previously unattainable. And with sophisticated AIRD Output Select functionality, you’re able to consistently achieve this amazing sound with any setup, from standard guitar amps to full-range playback systems.

Boss R&D Team


With the improvements in the speed and reliability of Bluetooth nowadays, it’s no wonder that it’s being integrated into more technology. The GT-1000 is the first professional level multi-effects guitar pedal to feature built-in Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connectivity means that you can write and edit patched on the pedal using your smartphone.

With the Boss Tone Studio, it’s easier than ever before to write and save custom patches. It’s even possible to record a riff with the GT-1000’s built-in looper, and then roam the venue and adjust tone

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