Boss CP-1X

Boss CP-1X

One of the most versatile effects for live performance is the simple compressor. Compressors are often used for everything from country guitarists, to bass players and even the horn section. So when it come to selecting a compressor, why not choose the best? Why not choose the Boss CP-1X?

Boss CP-1X

The Boss CP-1X compressor is powered by Boss’s new MDP technology, a new type of multiband compressor which has been designed with guitar in mind. What set’s it apart is that it preserves the character of your instrument to allow for greater musical expression.

One of the issues with other stompbox compressors is that they tend to muddy the tone of the source. Boss have designed the CP-1X to analyse your signal in multiple dimensions as you play. This provides advanced dynamics and control over your tone.

The interface of the unit is easy to use and get going. It makes use of a simple four-knob layout. This will allow you to dial in the perfect tone without too much effort.

Pro Performance Features

The CP-1X is perfect for the professional gigging musician. It features pro-level 18-volt circuitry with ample headroom for even the hottest guitars. Those high output pickups you or your buddy like won’t be too much for this compressor to handle.

One of the biggest pro-features is how quiet the unit is. A common issue with most compressors is how noisy they tend to be. Because of this, Boss take it as a point of pride how low the noise performance of this unit is. Don’t believe Boss on how quiet the pedal is? Head into your local store and try one out for yourself.

What is Compression?

So, you don’t know what a compressor does? Well, that’s simple enough to answer. A compressor, simply put, reduces the volume of loud sounds or amplifies quiet sounds by narrowing or “compressing” an audio signal’s dynamic range.

For a full review of the specs, [click here].

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